What I Offer…

Work Bubbles is about supporting your company to perform better through helping you and/or your staff be your best selves at work. We work with strengths. People who work to strengths are known to be happier, more fulfilled and more engaged, which leads to better performance, more resilience and a higher chance of success in setting and meeting goals.

I am a qualified Personal Performance and Executive Coach, and an accredited Strengths Profile practitioner, as well as having a decade's worth of managerial experience myself. I work with business owners and employees one-to-one and in group settings to help them identify their strengths and how to use them. In doing this, people overcome thier barriers to success. In fact, reserach has found that working to strengths improves performance by 36.4%, while working to try to improve weaknesses can actually decrease performance.

I ground all my work in emerging scientific knowledge from the fields of neuroscience and positive psychology, and add in a dash of dynamism and inspiration from my background in drama, to provide clients with a unique and powerful experience that really works. Work Bubbles is about having fun at work, and recognising that enjoying your job is the best way to do it well. Rather than avoiding the things we don't enjoy, or just getting by doing them badly, I focus on working with staff to help them make better use of the strengths they have, so that they can fully contribute to top performance.

Why I’m good at what I do…

I worked in market research for 10 years, eventually recruiting and managing my own team of executives. I always enjoyed the people side of things, but less-so other parts of the job so I sought a way to put my skills to use in a more satisfying way. I found coaching.

I trained as a Personal Performance and Executive Coach at the Coaching Academy in 2014, where I also gained ILM accreditation. Since then, I have worked as a coach and trainer, helping companies to get more out of thier staff, and helping employees get more out of their jobs. Clients I have worked with include big corporations such as Channel 4, through to smaller businesses with a handful of people. I find the work immensely rewarding, as well as good fun!

I have been featured in the South East Business magazine and on Power1Xtra radio station, talking about what I do and my work helping employees at all levels and business owners/ managers perform at their best and get more from what they do. I am also an accredited Strengths Profile practioner.

What I do

  • Business and Executive Coaching
  • Performance Coaching and training
  • Personal Development and Corporate Training
  • Leadership Coaching and Training

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