What I Offer…

We help families re-direct their household spend each month, so that they have more money to build their dreams. We also help people to break free of the linear income cycle. Each day thousands of people report to work, where employers leverage their time to build his or her business and financial future. In our business we help and assist others in building their own business, helping them to take financial control of their own future.

Why I’m good at what I do…

I like to think of myself as the 'go to' person. My parents instilled in me from a very early age, that it was an ethical and moral duty to help someone if you could, regardless of their station in life. I firmly believe they forgot to add the usual warnings and I've got to admit I havent always excercised the greatest caution when 'helping' someone, but despite some of the 'bites' I've had along the way, at my core I still believe in helping others. Dont't get me wrong, I'm not a push over and I do not ever suffer fools gladly, but call me in the middle of the night to come pick you up from the other end of the country because your car blew up and your breakdown cover just expired and you know what? I will! 

I love meeting and engaging with positive, ambitious and energetic people. I also like fast cars, driving fast and well - i have a serious hard time keeping my licence clean! Seriously, I am a female petrol head who was fortunate enough to have  had the opportunity to rally in the West-Indies at the tender age of 19. Yeah - I got to see sugar cane plants really up close & personal. I love lawn tennis and actually have an intermediate coaching certificate from the LTA. 

What I do now? Help as many people as I can through these financially restrictive economic times that we are in. I'm lucky I've found a way to cope with today's financial stresses and doubly lucky to have a wonderfully supportive partner (until a speeding ticket arrives in the post). 



What I do

  • Utility Warehouse Discount Club
  • All Household & Business Utilities
  • Home Insurance
  • Phone & Broadband
  • Energy & mobile phones

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