What I Offer…

At Plenary we specialise in helping businesses in the creative, tech and digital sectors grow profitably through maximising their client and prospect relationships. It’s costly and frequently a lengthy process to acquire new customers. So, it makes great business sense to draw upon Plenary's resources and further nurture your organisations'‚Äč prospect and client relationships in order to maximise your growth by marketing and selling more to the people you already know! We pride ourselves on being engaging, proactive and getting the job done whilst ensuring positive ROI for our clients. Whether you need support in terms of developing a strategic client development plan or ad hoc project management or just an extra pair of hands to get the job done then Plenary has the resources to help you achieve your objectives!

Why I’m good at what I do…

With over 20 years’ experience working at award winning marketing agencies I’ve worked with some of the UK's biggest brands such as Sainsbury's, Compare the Market, Andrex and Scottish Power on their high profile marketing campaigns. I've also worked in small businesses developing and delivering practical, results driven marketing plans for small businesses. 

Having worked on offline and online projects and everything from ISO implementations to business continuity and CRM projects. I have an in-depth understanding of what it takes to run a successful service based business. More importantly I know and understand what clients want from their supplier partners and how to deliver just that. This insight combined with a commercial outlook, outstanding project management and an ability to get the best from people is what led me to set up Plenary. I now work with service based businesses and digital and creative agencies who have a serious growth aspiration. 

If you want help with supplier selection and management, sales and marketing strategy, project management or training and mentoring client facing teams then let's have a chat!

What I do

  • Sales and marketing
  • Building Customer Loyalty
  • Business Improvement/Customer Satisfaction
  • Business Development and Strategy Implementation
  • Customer Care

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