What I Offer…

The aim of BMP is to create sustainable growth in the fastest & most affordable ways possible. 

Therefore, founder & owner Jess will outsource project elements to an experienced freelance collective to ensure projects hit deadlines, on target & within budget. It all seems a bit confusing, we know, but think of it as an extra tool in your business toolkit allowing you to outsource the complex stuff and focus on actually running your business!

If partnering with BMP is a little bit scary for you, that's ok, all businesses who work with us soon see the benefits and the return on investment makes it all very much worthwhile! Chances are, you'll be mainly speaking to Jess, founder of BMP and established creative marketer. Think of Bramarpla as a one-stop shop!

Why I’m good at what I do…

I’m not your average marketing wizard...

I can work on anything in and around your business to do with Branding, Marketing & Planning. I’m not your average millennial, that’s for sure! I have a large and varied marketing background, from managing the marketing function in small businesses to working as a senior marketing executive in a large financial services company. With multiple successful businesses under my own belt, I know what it takes to make it work, from being a tiny start-up through to a large SME. A specialist in digital and process creation, I can effortlessly plan a marketing strategy tailored to your specific business goals in an astonishingly short amount of time. With the initial brainstorming complete, it’s up to you whether you ask me & my team to take some, all, or none of the implementation work.

About me personally...

I’m one of those crazy dog ladies, the kind that train & work their dogs on a daily basis. Yep, that’s me.

I have a border collie, Alfie, who is a competition dog, bred & brought up to work, he is just making his debut on the affiliated agility scene now. Alongside Alf is newbie Ozz, an Australian Shepherd rescue who is completing his pre-comp training. I also have a Romanian rescue dog, Finn, a tri-coloured teddy bear. He spends his days asleep, waking only to eat or potter about. He’s pretty chilled.

I drink ridiculous amounts of Yorkshire tea and spend a ludicrous amount of hours in my home office, either brainstorming on the whiteboard or building something on the iMac. If I’m not busy with any of the above, you can usually find me making something – usually a ScarfStrap to order!

What I do

  • Full service Marketing
  • Marketing and Business Development Consultancy
  • Website Design SEO Digital Marketing
  • Commercial photography
  • Social Media Management Content Creation

My Stats

Last online 16th May 2017
Member since 6th Feb 2017
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4N ranking 143965 in the UK

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