What I Offer…

Residential UK and Turkey Retreats and Bootcamps!

Why I’m good at what I do…

I help people lose weight, change shape and get fit!

I am a personal trainer and am  qualified as a certified Grief recovery specialist, helping people recover from loss and lead happier lives.

I am a passionate and positive coach helping inspire both you and your employees make better decisions with my health and performance programme designed to help people both personally and professionally by way of addressing Diet Sleep Exercise and mindset. A love for football, manchester united in particular and, would you believe, a very proud grandad to Deliah 3 and Fletcher 2. 50 in a month, I want to inspire everyone i meet it's never too late to make changes. Taking action leads to change.

It all starts with you!

Member Testimonials

  • Who knew I was looking for a Personal Trainer. Actually I wasn't. Exercise - I didn't actually like it. Somehow Scott is now my PT. He has been really supportive but challenging, getting me to exercise & really push myself. I have accountability but we have fun & I'm enjoying it & seeing results.

What I do

  • Fitness & Personal Training
  • NLP Coaching
  • Business and Personal Development
  • Grief Recovery Specialist

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Last online 26th Oct 2018
Member since 26th Feb 2017
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