What I Offer…

I help small business owners get to grips with social media, sales and marketing.

Why I’m good at what I do…

My name is Jodi Shanahan and I help small businesses get savvy online.

Think of me as a sports coach for your business. I help you perform at your best and beat the competition; achieving your social media, sales and marketing goals along the way.

If this sounds right up your strata and you would like to get noticed on online, grow your business and build confidence in your brand, please get in touch with me and we can discuss how we can work together.

My aim is to lift others up, empower them to make positive changes in their business, easily and without worry. To move with the times, stay on top of current social marketing, treat their passion with respect, patience and positive encouragement.  Small business owners are so wonderfully passionate and amazing at what they do, but what I find over and over again is that they are terrible at telling the world how really great they are! Let me help you spread the good news that actually, you're really rather good at what you do!

So, I help small business owners get to grips with social media, sales and marketing.  With over ten years sales and marketing experience working for brands such as Lucozade, Ribena, Mobile Mini and Horse & Hound, I share what I have learnt to enable you to become savvy online.  My fees are easy to understand with something for everyone.  Most popular are my hourly rate coaching sessions either in person or virtually starting at £50 per hour.  Alternatively, I offer half and full day coaching sessions.

I work on the basics from getting started on Facebook and building an easy-to-edit website, to coaching on your social media channels, creating content and sales strategy.​

Coming soon are workshops and dedicated online members only groups!

I start by sitting down with you over coffee in real life or virtually, to find out what you need help with, where you are in your business plan, discuss your goals and ideas for growth.  Then I like to go away and do a bit of stalking, I mean research(!) on your business to be able to put together a plan and create a strategy relevant to you and your business.  I coach you how to manage and update Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & more, as often as you would like (without spam!) or I can do this with and for you.  I can also manage customer enquiries that come in through your social media and engage with possible customers on your behalf. ​This leaves you to get on with what you do best, your business.

​If you require help with your website, this is another service I provide as a review of your site often comes hand in hand with a review of your social media presence.  ​I can either build a simple template website for you to take over and run (£295) or I can coach you to do it yourself!  ​Give me a call to arrange a website review today - 07731 361339

What I do

  • Sales and marketing
  • Social Media
  • Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Instagram
  • Business Development & Coaching
  • Website Reviews

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