What I Offer…

I can offer health and wellbeing not just for your skin but for you too. The benefits of Temple Spa are amazing. Have a 1-2-1 or host a class and i will bring you a pop up Spa shop and you can have a bespoke facial without the huge cost or travel and theres nothing worse than the journey home from a spa when really you just want to chill even more. Whats more you can shop at home and the products last more than just 1 day.
Our products are tested in Harley Street to ensure sensitivity is taken care of. We help resolve issues such as Eczema, psoriasis, restless legs, migraines, anxiety, low spirits and more. Our aim is to make you feel and look good all at the same time.

Why I’m good at what I do…

Consistency and approachability has made me good at what i do along with doing different classes around and about.
I spend time working with clients giving good customer care, resulting in more hosts having classes and my sales increasing.
Product and skincare wellbeing is key, but that comes with time served experience of which has been 6 years for me.

Things I like…

i get great satisfaction from helping people sort out skin issues that have, affected their confidence in many ways.

Member Testimonials

  • Alison is so passionate and knowledgeable about her Temple Spa Products. Her relaxed, listening approach ensures that she hears your needs and then makes great recommendations to you as an individual. I trust that she has my interest at heart when she suggests something new for me to try.

What I do

  • Lifestyle Consultant with an ambition
  • Facial and body products
  • that have amazing results
  • Anti Ageing Skincare
  • Paraben free
  • Naturally sourced

My Stats

Last online 29th Oct 2018
Member since 3rd Mar 2017
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Meetings attended 64

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