What I Offer…

I am The Accidental Manager Coach.

Are you a business owner who has just promoted your star performer into their first management role?

Are you wondering what on earth happened?

Your star performer has had a personality change, their own performance has dropped off a cliff, and their team are underachieving too.

They don't have the skills to lead a team. Yet. They are an accidental manager.

You could send them on a management course, but it means time out of the business and they'll spend 80% of that time studying ideas that are irrelevant in your business or that they already know.

What if you could just buy the 20% you need?

A coaching programme designed specifically for your accidental manager.

  • so they can manage the personalities in their team, with the challenges they face, and the targets they have to achieve?
  • delivered wherever your accidental manager is, either face to face (in the East Midlands) or via Skype/Zoom in 2 hour bite-sized chunks.
  • so flexible it could adapt to new challenges or problems that crop up as we go?
  • with a coach who will also make sure you have the right HR procedures and policies in place so that you can stay in control long after the coaching programme ends?

If all that sounds like it could be perfect for your accidental manager, - well that's exactly what I do.

I'll get your star performer back for you, back where they should be, in control of their team, their time, and their business.

Ready to get your people management issues sorted? Call me on 07902 903086 or email marion@marionparrish.com

Why I’m good at what I do…

I've worked for some of the biggest companies in the world. IBM, BT Plc, AIG, Boots The Chemists. I've worked in the public sector (for the Learning and Skills Council) and I've delivered training accredited by the ILM, the largest awarding body in Leadership and Management in Europe, to the most junior managers, and to board directors.

I've developed and delivered every HR policy imaginable, managed major restructuring and change programmes, introduced absence management schemes that reduced absence rates by over 40%, harmonised terms and conditions of employment for over 400 employees, trained hundreds of managers in dozens of organisations how to manage teams and get the best out of people, mediated for teams and individuals who just couldn't work their issues through by themselves, handled more grievances, disciplinary cases and redundancies than I care to remember, and have never lost an employment tribunal case.

I know the difference great people managers can make, and I want to share that with you, so that you can be the kind of boss that great employees never want to leave. It's not hard, it doesn't take a long time or a lot of effort. Just a clearly focused and structured approach, commitment and consistency.

The Accidental Manager Coach is your people management and HR expert in your corner, helping you manage better, feel more confident and most importantly, feel happier about managing your team.

So if you’re ready to increase your productivity, reduce the hassle of team management, and build a more profitable business, give me a call.

Things I like…

Family, canals, rivers, tea shops and coffee shops mainly. And gin of course!

Member Testimonials

  • Marion does brilliant work, I have never heard anyone explain employment law, contracts of employment etc, so clearly, and so thoroughly. It's clear that she has a passion for getting them right, and for doing the right think. Her work on "The Accidental Manager" is fantastic.

What I do

  • Accidental Manager Coaching
  • Team coaching and training
  • Training for people managers
  • HR Contracts and Policies

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