What I Offer…

I am on a mission to save people money, simplify their bills, and to provide first class customer service.... and this costs nothing! Whether looking to make savings at home or in business, I do not charge anything (except a cup of tea!) and it may come as a surprise how much I can save. Biggest saving to date: £4,500 in a year for a small drainage firm. I can also save money on every day items such as groceries, fuel, clothes, electrical items, travel, eating out.... anything and everything! How? Call me and I'll explain 07749 876195
If saving money isn't enough, and you need some extra income, I can help with that as well!

Why I’m good at what I do…

I've been doing what I do for nearly 13 years now. I am very experienced and relaxed about bills, savings and figures. I show people what I do. There is no pressure or obligation to do anything (apart from the tea of course!) so I put people at ease and am transparent about how the money works, how the company operates and I'm able to answer virtually any question thrown at me.

Things I like…

When I'm not networking, I love gardening, my cats, cooking and travel (not necessarily in that order! I especially enjoy cruising!

Member Testimonials

  • Louise has been, and continues to be, a great mentor and coach. She introduced me to UW and to 4N and leads with enthusiasm and expertise, helping with personal development, skills training, planning and goal setting. She absolutely delivers for anyone who wants to save money or earn more.
  • I first met Louise at The Somerset Business Show and knew I was talking to one of life's Do'ers! She has quickly made a positive impact by supporting one of our Area Leaders growing our Exeter group and in turn forming her own group at Lyme Regis all with lightning speed! Thanks Louise!

What I do

  • Saving Money
  • Making People Money
  • Simple Service and Free advice
  • Life Coach

My Stats

Last online 5th Jun 2020
Member since 29th Mar 2017
Number of testimonials 1
Meetings attended 207
4N ranking 32 in the UK

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