Why I’m good at what I do…

Following 20 years in the corporate world, I found myself a victim of company restructuring and was made redundant. As a single mum, I soon saw this as the best thing that could ever have happened and realised that I had to change my income from earned to passive. Applying knowledge and creative financing techniques, gained from a new education in property, I became an accomplished property investor.  

However, as I gained freedom of choice and time through my property business, I realised that wealth without health was futile and I certainly didn't want to become "The Richest Woman in the Graveyard".   So I embarked on a journey of discovery into health and have a vision to merge my property and health passions, through the creation of Complimentary Wellness Centres.  As part of that vision I now partner with an amazing company with groundbreaking Superfood Nutritional Cleansing products that provide solutions for weight loss, energy, performance, anti aging and wealth!

I now inspire, motivate and educate thousands that aspire to change their life.  As an international speaker and UK Health and Wealth Coach,  I am now honoured to be able to show others how it is possible to generate wealth and choice in life, whilst maintaining a healthy balance, regardless of your life and financial circumstances.

What I do

  • Health & Nutrition
  • Health and Weight Loss
  • Body Health & Wellness & Sports Nutrition
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy/Weight Management & Coaching
  • Network Marketing Professional

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