What I Offer…

Develop Together is an extension and manifestation of it's founder, Rob Palmer, with the same values and goals being a central driving force for both. The essential purpose is to work with people who are willing to commit to unlocking their potential, then fearlessly putting this new knowledge into practise leading to success.

Success can take a different form for everyone. For one person it might be to own a local newsagent with many regular happy customers, whereas for someone else it might be promotion to CEO of a multi-national corporation. It could also mean achieving a stable income with a perfect balance between work and family or something else entirely. The aim of Develop Together is to help you achieve the success that works for you.

Whether it be short term of long term coaching, Develop Together has a goal to ensure that the changes made through coaching will be long lasting and that clients can continually develop themselves to achieve further ambitions and success that fit in with the vision of how their life should be.  Develop Together will also be working with companies, coaching teams to increase productivity and profits, while at the same time developing the team members' own personal and professional success.

All of these activities will be carried out with an unconditional belief and optimism that is also routed in a sense of reality. This balance means that progress is taken one step at a time and at a speed that suits each individual client. Commitment and loyalty to the process are key factors to positive results, as is personal responsibility for taking the actions needed to make the changes happen.

Develop Together and Rob Palmer look forward to working with you and celebrating your success and achievements.


  • Confidentiality
  • Authenticity
  • Commitment
  • Responsibility
  • Loyalty
  • Respectfulness
Why I’m good at what I do…

I was born in Norwich but moved around a lot as a child which created the challenge to start fresh many times, making new friends and finding a new routine. I overcame this challenge by learning the skills I needed to break down the social barriers presented each time I had to start somewhere new. These skills where backed up by an ongoing interest in performing arts, which also developed my confidence.

Between the ages of 11 and 21 I was challenged with a chronic illness that had me house-bound for the majority of this period. This time alone allowed me to become a reflective practitioner, evaluating everything I observed, particularly in how other people reacted to situations of conflict and complexity. This ability to reflect quickly and act accordingly is something that has to be developed over time, and I can start you on the right track during your sessions with me.

In my mid twenties it was time to return to education with a view to becoming a teacher within the performing arts sector. I left my management role in the insurance industry and moved to London for another fresh start, where I trained to start working as a vocal coach and also gained the university experience and First Class degree that I'd missed out on more than a decade earlier.

On completing my degree and returning to Norwich In 2012 I was offered a succession of opportunities at City College Norwich, which included my long term goal of being a teacher. I soon realised that my skills were better suited to individual guidance and have worked with over eight hundred students in the last four years, both individually and in small groups, refining my mentoring and coaching strategies to ensure each student reached their full potential, preparing them to excel at the next stage of life, either in employment or higher learning. During this time I also coached and mentored colleagues to improve themselves and develop their career progression opportunities.

My passion for inspiring people to develop themselves has been an underlying part of my journey and I continue to develop myself to do this as effectively as possible. I look forward to meeting you to begin or continue inspiring your own development process.


What I do

  • Performing Arts Career Coach
  • Personal Development Coach

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