What I Offer…

In these extraordinary times that we live it is becoming more evident that some people have the wherewithall to cope and others are struggling.  We all want the best for our families, but work, financial and time pressures, marital breakdowns, modern family units and the changes technology has brought to our lives all create unprescended challenges not faced by previous generations.

Love2Last is a consulting and mentoring organisation and network that truly understands what parents and families are facing.  We provide moddern families with everything they need to invest in their family's future.  Our goal is to build resilent adults, kids and families - all of which are inter-connected.  Through our own material and through strategic collaborations we bring the best insights and tools that are available.  Working through one-on-one or group coaching programs, experiencial projects, short excursions and intensive retreats we provide the foundations for families to really get to know themselves and those closest to them to build leaders of the future.  Our unique approach uses guided experiences, as well as coaching to create lasting memories (results) that will create a multi-generational knock on effect.

Why I’m good at what I do…

Love2Last - Investing in your family though mentorship, inspiring experiences and personal challenges.

35 years at the top of her field in organisational change, program management and business redesign, as well as 17 years studying human behaviour as well as a lifetime of practical experience.  Gillian has taken her global knowledge and experience (living on 5 continents and working in 59 countries) and now helps people to invest in their family, through providing them with the tools to be resilient. 

She inspires families to connect and understand each other to create loving resilient kids, parents and families, as well as ensure they discovering their family soul.  This is the greatest investment that parents can make to provide the foundation and infrastructure to create a close and supporting family whose love will last a lifetime, contribute future leaders to the world and give each member the tools they need to live a fulfilliing and contributing life - to be the best they can possibly be.


What I do

  • Children/young people/families
  • Parenting Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching and Consultancy
  • High Performance Business Coaching
  • Family Relationship Coaching

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