What I Offer…

Wouldn’t you love to step away from day to day pressures and spend more time planning for the future? 

You have good people in place so it should be possible. 

But you’re constantly dragged into the detail. You think you’ve delegated a task - then you find out it hasn’t been done.

So why isn’t it happening like you want?

• Imagine being able to delegate to your team and getting the results you want. No chasing, things just get done. 

• What if you could just focus on export markets or going after key accounts? 

• And what about your imposter syndrome or wobbling confidence? How about making that a thing of the past?

When we work together, you’ll get:

A clear direction for your business. A map of where you’re going and how you’ll get there. There’s no point honing your leadership skills if you’re leading your team into a brick wall

Results. The work we do needs to make a difference. You may want to work on your finances, how your leadership team work, increasing your confidence and improving relationships. I’ll help you pin it down

A better night's sleep. Take all the ‘wake me up at 3am’ thoughts and map them out. Prioritise, make a plan and take action

Improved leadership skills. Do you find it difficult to offer feedback, get the words right for a challenging conversation, listen properly? – work on that with me

Access to the latest thinking. I never stop reading, training and learning my trade around coaching, business and leadership. I filter out the noise and give you the right information, on time. Most importantly though, I help you act on it.

My ethos is 'Work Hard and Be Nice to People' so I'm always happy to have a chat and see if I can do just that.


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