What I Offer…

Here at Yoga Therapy Stockport I offer a range of classes and therapies designed to help you live your life with more ease, whether that be through reducing physical pain, calming the mind and emotions, or learning how to relax deeply and restore your energy levels effectively. My services cover:

  • Bespoke individual yoga therapy
  • Small group yoga therapy courses
  • Gentle Dru yoga classes
  • Soothing Thai yoga massage

For thousands of years the philosophy and practice of yoga has been used in India to bring about well being and optimum health. My aim is to use this ancient yoga wisdom to help my clients towards radiant health.

Why I’m good at what I do…

Before becoming a yoga teacher I spent many years working in the corporate sector, wearing a suit and sitting behind a desk every day. It was the birth of my first child that provided the catalyst for change as I sought to balance caring for my family with the need to work and the necessity of developing my own self care practices. Yoga has been the tool that has helped me navigate through early parenthood and beyond with some sense of sanity and ease.

After teaching yoga for over 12 years I have seen again and again how very simple yoga techniques can support and benefit individuals and lead towards positive health and wellbeing. It is this experience and belief that has led me to undertake further training as a yoga therapist to make the benefits of yoga available to wider range of people.

What I do

  • Health and Wellbeing

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