What I Offer…

We provide access to the sort of healthcare that we want for ourselves and our families. We’ve been helping our members as a not-for-profit organisation since 1901. That’s quite a while now and, because we're good at it, that’s all we do. Just health insurance. No distractions.

By partnering with like-minded individuals and companies, we offer groundbreaking personal and business health insurance policies that have truly revolutionised healthcare in the UK. From funding cancer drugs not readily available on the NHS, the first benefit of its kind, to being recognised by the World Health Organisation as leading in the development of new policies that reduce costs for our members.

Having won numerous consumer awards, we continually strive to outshine the competition and deliver policies our members trust.

Why I’m good at what I do…

Having been responsible for over 150 people in 9 retail outlets plus a sizeable mail order operation, I have played a pivotal role as an Operations Director in growing a retail business from a 4 person operation turning over £600,000 p.a. to the stature of a nationally respected retailer employing in excess of 200 people who in turn generated over £16 million p.a.

I have also been a registered and approved Growth Coach for Growth Accelerator providing expert, tailored advice to help ambitious businesses achieve rapid, sustainable growth. 

A unique opportunity arose for me in 1997 to jump over the garden fence from being a retailer into the Shop design and fitting industry, where I spent nearly 20 years, enjoying numerous relationships with a diverse range of clients from John Deere tractors to Euronics (large independent Electrical retailers group) and from Irelands largest Sports retailer to a small family owned perfumery.

Along the way I have designed, built and advised on such diverse projects as the distilling ‘experience’ room for the public at Plymouth Gin for Pernod Ricard, a large visitor shop for Crealy Adventure Parks ( the South West’s largest childrens visitor attractions), a chain of large format (+10,000 sq ft) tool superstores and the fitting out of numerous independent Golf Shops, Sports stores, electrical shops and perfumeries.

After 35 years in business I have come to realise what the perfect business is for me in terms of wealth creation, time involved and emotional reward. And with this perfect vision I was lucky enough to discover www.wpa.org.uk, buy into this lovely healthcare business and become a partner.  

Along the way I have also formalised his business experience by being awarded an MBA from the Open Universty. When not involved with work matters my main pastimes involve my family, so this could be going to see Muse, playing Need for Speed or having a tea party with Peppa pig, depending who shouts loudest.  Oh yes, their Mum, Italian motorbikes and the UK’s wild places take a significant part of his life up as well!

What I do

  • Health Insurance and employee benefits
  • Business Health Insurance
  • Corporate Health Insurance
  • Health Insurance for individuals and families

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