What I Offer…

White Horse CAD Limited supply Computer Aided Design and Project Management service to a variety of industry sectors and is driven by a passion for delivering high quality, innovative, engineering solutions.


White Horse CAD supply design and project management support for projects of all sizes. We respond quickly to customer demand and always aim to deliver on time and in budget.

We are able to generate 3D model and drawing files to customer specifications and can also work with your native CAD files or Parasolid / igs files. With over 30 year experience, White Horse CAD Limited are your one-stop shop for all your design requirements, from the transfer of your paper drawings to electronic documents, through to the management of projects large and small.

Computer Aided Design

White Horse CAD uses industry standard Computer Aided Design software to create fully parametric 3D models of anything from simple components, through to multi-bodied parts and complex assemblies.

We also offer a legacy transfer service, where we take your existing paper drawings and convert them to electronic 3D models and 2D drawings.

Product Design

With over 30 years experience in a variety of industry sectors, White Horse CAD offers innovative solutions to meet your requirements. We are able to offer support to many industries and have been instrumental in the design of a variety of products in many different industries.

Project Management

With over 10 years project management experience, working in highly regulated environments, to tight deadlines, WHC can deliver your project on budget and on time.

Design Updates

Product designs rarely stay the same, changes are often required to aid manufacture or to add new features or functionality. White Horse CAD are able to take your existing designs in either legacy, compatible 2D or compatible 3D formats and change your product to your specifications.

3D Printing

WHC offers 3D FDM printing in ABS, HiPS and other materials to help you visualise your products before committing to investments in mould tooling or prototype manufacture.

Fixture Design

With over 15 years experience designing test fixtures and manufacturing support tooling, White Horse CAD can help you create a test rig or fixture for BSI, ISO and ASTM testing.


Why I’m good at what I do…

I am a multi-disciplined engineer with over 30 years’ experience and have been designing and developing innovative product design solutions for over 20 years. I am experienced in designing with both 2D and 3D CAD and with over 10 years’ hands on manufacturing experience I can develop conceptual designs through to production with a clear understanding of the requirements for manufacturing. I have 3 joint patent applications and one patent application as sole inventor. 

After spending more than 20 years working in the highly regulated Orthopaedic industry designing instrument and implants for total joint replacement the opportunity arose to start my own design consultancy. White Horse CAD Ltd has been born out of a passion to deliver high quality, innovative design solutions to a diverse set of industry sectors. 

I have worked in companies of all sizes, from micro SME's up to multi-national corporations and have delivered concepts and design solutions to everyone from my next door neighbour to the CEO of a multi-national company.


What I do

  • CAD | Design | Project management
  • 3D CAD & 2D Drawing
  • Product design consultancy
  • Product design and development
  • Design and Project Management

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