What I Offer…

Finding the right leads is the hardest part for a business and when this is coupled with the mine field on online territory, it can appear to be impossible to most businesses. If you wanted a hand holding experience that shows you the best way to drive traffic and convert that is what we do in the Funnel Mechanics.

Designing online strategies that are sustainable for small businesses through understanding their customer, the competition, the marketplace, the product has lead us to show businesses the best way to construct a online presence that delivers a profitable rate of return. Like a fine wine, most funnels require ageing to best assess its position in the marketplace and its performance over time, thus it will take time  for any business.

Our goal is to take every £1 of investment and to ultimately build it to at least £2 of return.

This is done through the use of automated Sales Funnels that take your lead through a process from email capture to becoming a raving fan of you and your business spending their money with you.

If you want to see this in action then take a look at this live funnel we have built for Qualify Leads.    

What I do

  • Landing Page Design - Online Lead Generation
  • B2B and B2C Lead Generation
  • Digital & Internet Marketing Consultancy
  • Marketing consultancy
  • Website Design Digital Marketing & Social Media

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