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HG & Co.’s team of consultants have a track record of providing expert counsel. Since the 1970s our consultants have been advising leading global companies, governments (both foreign and domestic), start-ups and SMEs looking to expand as well as high net worth individuals (HNWIs).

Our skillset spans a broad range of professional disciplines allowing us to cross the line between advisory and execution. We won’t just sit in your boardroom – we’ll get out onto the shop floor and ensure strategy transforms into effective practice.


We believe that the best business is built on trust – and we’d like to become part of your trusted team. Our overarching aim will always be to do the best for your business.

We want to help you make informed decisions with all the information behind our recommendations so you can be confident they are correct. It might be a pathway you’ve never considered. If so, we will explain our reasoning to you clearly – making sure you understand why it makes good sense. 

Operating with integrity and transparency is at the core of everything we do. We believe in Plain English which will always be fundamental to how we communicate with you.

With transparency and trust at the heart of your approach to business, we believe you can only make relationships stronger with your customers, staff and the communities you operate in. This is vital for sustainable business in ever more complex local and global economies.

In times of prosperity we advocate prudence and preparedness. In tougher times we are pragmatic – helping you protect your enterprise, employees and overarching reputation.

Technology means that it’s easier to conduct business remotely from anywhere in the world but our ethos advocates the power of truly personal connections. Our experience of working around the globe means you can be confident of having us by your side wherever your business takes you – whether that’s Beijing, Buenos Aires or Birmingham.

Get in touch and ask us how we can help transform your business through transparency and trust.


Every brief is different so we take a holistic and analytic approach to creating the right solution for your business, drawing together the right blend of expertise from our team.

Our senior consultants are some of the minds who have helped deliver some of the most interesting and ground breaking post-war public and private sector projects. This expertise is invaluable in strategizing solutions to the most complex of briefs and economic circumstances.

Meanwhile the younger members of our team are highly qualified to offer relevant and realistic advice about challenges facing firms in the modern marketplace. They have aptitude in abundance for technology, new marketing communication methods and evolving global attitudes from customers, employees and other stakeholders.

The key factor is that we approach each brief individually – and ensure the right mix of consultants are allocated to a project. We will assign exactly the team you need to ensure your project is a success.

We want our relationship with you to be mutually beneficial so we’ll take time to ensure that your project is properly planned so when it comes to execution everyone involved can throw energy and excitement into the process.


• Business Analysis

• Business Consultancy

• Business Development

• Corporate Finance*

• Digital and Technology

• Financial Modeling

• International Trade Services

• Public Sector Services

• Real Estate Advisory

• Recovery and Turnaround

• Restructuring, Reorganisation and Simplification

• Risk Management

• Sales and Marketing

• Start-ups

• Strategy

*Corporate Finance services provided by partner firm HFG International Ltd

Why I’m good at what I do…

An experienced and skilled business leader who has a track record of delivering tangible results across multiple different projects.  Extensive experience managing challenging and difficult situations within the boardroom and thrives on drawing on that experience to provide solutions and advice. Strong belief in honesty and integrity, hard work, loyalty and effective team work. Advocate of achieving productive resolution through constructive engagement and active listening.

Resourceful, calm leader who contributes to enhanced decision making and ensures that value is delivered to all stakeholders, including employees as well as shareholders. Driven by a commitment to communities based on hands on delivery and an ethos of charitable endeavours. 

What I do

  • Business Management & Consulting
  • Financial Management Consultancy
  • Management Development

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