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Expert travel planner who can help tailor and book your perfect holiday.

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A Travel Counsellor is like a Travel Agent on steroids!

We can do everything a regular travel agent can....but... we can 100% financially protect your entire travel plans and we are the only UK travel company that offers this.

For example....

·      A travel agent books other tour operator and supplier’s programs and services.

·      A tour operator creates the programs and services for travel agents to sell for them.

·      As a travel counsellor - we are both!

We can custom build your itinerary using ANY supplier to create the ideal bespoke dream holiday/trip but with an added massive extra!

For example, Normally...
such bespoke itineraries will require the agent to book your hotel separately to the flight, to the transfer to the attraction tickets and so on, leaving you with multiple bookings with multiple completely unconnected services providers all with their own terms and conditions and cancellation procedures.

Together these unrelated companies form your personal itinerary, but as far as each of them are concerned they know not of the other parts of your trip, nor do they care about them. It’s nothing to do with them. Only you and your agent would know that all these components combined make up your bespoke plans.

The risk here, is if one component stops operating or goes bust, the rest are still functioning. You've suddenly got to fix the missing/broken component. If you've used an agent - it's their job to help do so but you still carry the financial impact of the problem occurring.

If you have already departed on your holiday and you did this all yourself, you've got to fix the issue, whilst in a different time-zone, possibly language area, possibly with less than perfect access to technology to help you, taking time and enjoyment away from your trip and adding lots of anxiety stress and worry.

... this is where the
true magic of a
Travel Counsellor bespoke itinerary comes into play.

Remember when we said we are both the agent and the operator?

Well, this is what it means for you.
We can book, create and plan out, to the smallest detail, that exact same bespoke itinerary (like a regular travel agent).... but we then sell it to you as a Travel Counsellors Bespoke Packaged Holiday (because we hold an ATOL licence that lets us also work as a tour operator).

With a Travel Counsellors Bespoke Packaged Holiday, we give you 100% financial protection against any service providers failure.

You only have 1 set of booking conditions to worry about.
We cushion the risk. If one component goes bust,
your money is protected.

In regular travel agencies, or if you've put the itinerary together yourself, you'd still have all the other independent and fully operating holiday components such as the flights, transfers and other hotels, to cancel out of and you would take a hit on their cancellation fee’s. It’s possible you might regain some money back via your insurance but that’s a long winded and stressful process in itself.

But none of this would happen if that very exact same holiday was booked with us via me.

Booking with me, makes
you become my own personal client, your not just a person at the other end of the line with 10 more waiting in the phones queuing system.

Like any other small business venture in any industry sector that wants to be successful.
You matter to me personally.

It means I really do care about you.

No more call centres for you talking to multiple employees and re-explaining yourself each time.

No more waiting for the office to open on a Monday morning each of my clients gets my mobile number, connects with me via What's App for when they are away.
To back me up, there is always are 24/7 duty office, so even if the time zones are working against us, there is ALWAYS SOMEONE you can speak with. 24/7/365

I work at times you want and need me too and I’m constantly monitoring my clients bookings to ensure all elements are operating as planned on the wait up until your holiday begins and I also check in with you, when you arrive and upon your return.

So, when things like the Air Traffic Controllers went on strike in France (September 2017) and 100's of flights were simply cancelled as a result.

If you'd booked and planned this holiday yourself, (as many do) you'd be sat on holiday trying to find a flight home, stressed out, taking hours out of your day searching for an affordable solution and having to then find the money to pay for such flight replacements (possibly having to get to other airports by which to fly home from).

But as my client I'd be calling you, with alternative solutions already mapped out whilst you lay beside the pool, oblivious of the severity of the situation and still gaining the quality holiday experience you paid to enjoy.

Why do I do all this? - Because I care and you really do matter to me.
And I want you to have the experience you desire by booking a holiday away with your loved ones.

Let your journey begin!

Why I’m good at what I do…

So this is the part I can charm you with my whit and stunning personality and talk to you about all the wonderful travel adventures I’ve had over the years and how this personal experience puts me in a fantastic position to help you in your future travel plans.

Like many a “young-en” (in life before kids)… I decided to travel the world. For the majority of this time I did so as a lone female back-packer which has afforded me many adventures and experiences, and the chance to tick off most of my life’s bucket list ambitions.

Some of the more exciting things I have done are things like hiking through the Malaysian Jungle on a 5 days survival course and conquering Mount Kinabalu. I'll be honest and say I've also had some harrowing experiences such as being caught in the middle of a gang fight with machetes and food poisoning - but this add's to me knowledge and experience and in an even better position to serve and look after you!

I’ve also slept in and built snow caves in New Zealand, stumbled across a wedding in Costa Rica and been invited to stay as a party guest! I’ve been through the Panama Canal, seen a volcano erupt first hand (and dicovered how fast I could run).

I’ve swam in waterfalls, done the worlds 3rd highest bungee jump, skied on 3 continents and so many many more wonderful experiences I could burn your ear about all night!

I’ve always been passionate about travel and seeing the world.

Which is why from the age of 16 to 24 I worked my way up to that of a Travel Agency Manager. At this time (it was a good few years ago now) the internet was starting to pick up speed and popularity and I also found I had a talent for web design/digital marketing.

With my younger sister having such a fabulous time at university I decided to quit Travel work to become a full-time university student studying digital marketing and design, which for many years afterwards, this type of freelance work afforded me the financial freedom to travel whilst working for clients back home. So I then got to see the world this way.

But like you, I'm only human and so when I started to struggle to get the work-life-balance right due to not having enough work hours in the day, whilst paid-by-the-hour and also be a full-time mum to my two beautiful and cheeky little ladies, it became obvious what else I should do and easily.

Return to Travel!

So here I am, having gone full circle in life, launching a travel agency business of my very own but with the backing of over 300 head office staff and 1600+ other independent Travel Counsellors (and that’s in the UK alone), a decades experience as a digital marketer, over 8 years in the Travel Industry leaving it at manager level as well as an adult life-time of experience travelling the world personally, with the experience of what it takes to run my own business as well.

So I do hope, when opportunity arises, you give me the chance to make your travel dreams come true, for supporting a small business like my own, you’re helping my dreams come true ( it’s only fitting I return the favour 😊 )

I specialise in:

  • Luxury Long-Haul Holidays
  • Bespoke Itineraries
  • Cruise Vacations
  • Skiing/Snowboarding
  • Safari’s/Adventure
  • Weddings & Honeymoons

But I also love to do city breaks, your classic summer sun fly & flop breaks and can organise your flight-only’s.

Please think of me as your personal travel concierge.

If you can imagine it happening, want it to happen, I’m the person that will find a way to make it happen for you, safely and with 100% financial protection.

What I do

  • Personal & Business Travel Consultants
  • Leisure Travel
  • Personal Travel Concierge
  • Travel & Leisure
  • Travel/Booking Agent

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