What I Offer…

Have you spent £1,000s on an e-commerce website that isn’t what you asked for and is simply not delivering the goods or the money?

Are you just not happy with your website yet you paid an absolute arm and a leg for it? Probably thousands actually.

Or do you look at other websites thinking I wish mine was like theirs and not this useless piece of rubbish that I invested most of my savings in?

And now …. Well it just isn’t bringing in the sales you want never mind reflect the vision the you had for it in your head.

The initial excitement has just faded.Sitting there feeling frustrated and angry that you have been ripped off is unfortunately not going to help, it is just going to delay you getting out there in front of your perfect clients in the way you want.

It’s annoying and frustrating with that pang of anger inside that you have paid a lot of money for your site when you originally had trust in your designer.

And now all you have is them holding you to ransom because you refuse to pay the balance because you are not happy with it.

We don’t agree with it either.

We just want you to know that you can overcome this and finally have the website you imagined.

It is possible to move forward and it is possible for you to reach your perfect clients in the right way, so that:

Your clients visit your site;
Your website is fast!;
Your clients get absolutely wowed by it; and
They follow through with the sale.

Message us for your free consultation, and you will leave the call feeling better about the whole situation, and have a clear picture in your head on how you are going to move forward and get those sales in!

Things I like…

Triathlons, and well swimming - lakes rather than indoor pools, cycling and running. Actually just like being fit and healthy - preferring to enjoy the beauty of our natural world rather than that of an indoor gym!

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