What I Offer…

I have grown a team of motivated, driven professionals from all over the globe and coach them to reach their personal and financial goals. My passion is in developing entrepreneurs to grow a successful organisation, on their own terms. My company offers a simple, premium product and service that requires very little explanation. If you have a desire to make a change in your life, if you are coachable and can follow a step by step process, I would love to help you achieve it.

Why I’m good at what I do…

My journey as an entrepreneur began a couple of years ago. I had spent 12 years in retail and invested a huge amount of time and energy into climbing the corporate ladder. I was pretty successful with this, and had managed to juggle building a family as well as a professional portfolio, but I quickly realised that working for someone else wasn't going to provide me with the lifestyle I wanted for myself and my family. The good salary and company car were costing me too much in other areas, the most important being time with my children. I put myself under enormous pressure to "fit the mould" in order to progress my career, and this meant I never really felt as secure as I'd like. I enjoyed my job enormously, but the reality was that my income potential was capped, and I was done with all the limits that were set for myself and others.

Looking for a solution, I started to engage with the idea of starting my own business. Eventually I found a company that would enable me to do that in a very low risk way, with incredibly low overheads and a hugely popular product I already enjoyed on a weekly basis.

I now spend my time coaching individuals that are truly serious about growing an organisation and are looking for the training, support and motivation they need to get there.

If you're a busy professional looking for a way to engage your entrepreneurial leanings without interfering with your current commitments, email me at lizzie@makeithappen.vip or visit me at www.lizzieburrill.com!

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