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Hello, I’m Julie!
I’m passionate about helping ambitious individuals achieve their full potential, empowering teams to work more harmoniously and efficiently together, and in inspiring our next generation of leaders to step forward to lead courageously and with integrity.
Before I became a certified coach and business psychologist, I worked in the education for twenty years, motivating staff and teenagers! I’m just as proud of the fact that I won the award “Teacher whose lesson you are most likely to run to” for three years in a row, as I am of my distinction in my coaching certification and achieving Fellow of The Chartered Management Institute. Along my journey’s path, I’ve studied and applied the science of motivation and been privileged to witness some inspirational transformations. I’ve always firmly believed in following what you love – a pathway that’s led me to a job I love, being a motivation and performance coach.  
I live in Birmingham with my partner and our mischievous cats!   When I’m not working you can find me writing Young Adult Historical Fiction, following my creative flair in the kitchen and/or savouring the odd Gin and Tonic! I love travelling off the beaten track and learning about different cultures and cuisines. My most memorable trips include spending four days in the Canadian wilderness with a First Nations Elder and speeding through the Arctic Circle chasing the Northern Lights with our Husky team.

Professional Bio for Julie Goddard, MA (Ed),  FCMI ,Director, Executive Coach

Julie Goddard is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management with over 11 years of experience working at senior executive level and an expert in developing leadership capacity through both coaching and mentoring. Julie moved into educational leadership when those above her realised she was rather good at motivating young people. Last thing on a Friday afternoon she would regularly convince groups of thirty 15 year olds, that Shakespeare was a passionate and dangerously perceptive rebel. The realisation of this led her to believe anything is possible! 
She’s led training for over two hundred teachers in Leeds, Sandwell and London, and spoken at Westminster on the value of training young people to lead. A highly skilled and experienced coach, Julie's past clients have included directors from the financial services industry, senior and middle leaders from within the education system, and small business owners.

An expert in the neuroscience and psychology of individual and team motivation, Julie has spent twenty years working with top professionals and academics in the field, firstly in the education sector, and then in the private sector. Using strengths based coaching, underpinned by the latest research in Positive Psychology, when choosing to work with Julie you can be assured your investment will be effectively focused upon you achieving your professional goals.

Julie is a certified coach, a member of both the Association for Business Psychology and The International Association for Positive Psychology. Her first Masters degree focused upon deep learning and she has recently finished her MSc in Business and Organisational Psychology; her thesis examined the effects of Leadership style and Organisational Justice on individual motivation.
When she’s not working, Julie enjoys writing Young Adult Historical fiction and travelling off the beaten track.

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