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  • Having revamped my 40 Seconds using the advice in Networking for Dummies two separate people today said mine was much better. Thanks Stefan
  • When it comes to Networking Stefan has literally written the book on how to get results. The feedback on his presentations, workshops and retreats is always positive and can be found across the Social Media sphere. If your networking isn't working then this is the chap to engage to help you.
  • Business Networking for Dummies. Instant Networking. The Networking Retreat...what do all these things have in common? They have been invaluable tools in taking myself and my business forward in the world of networking. Mr Stefan Thomas truly is the expert in his chosen field. Highly recommended.
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What I do

  • Business networking
  • Author
  • Training & Motivational Speaker
  • Business Advice Training and Mentoring
  • Inspirational keynote speakers

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Last online 14th Apr 2020
Member since 19th Oct 2007
Number of testimonials 94
Meetings attended 1066
4N ranking 15 in the UK

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