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Stefan Thomas - Business Networking for Dummies

Hi I'm Stefan - UK expert on business networking in the 21st century
I am the author of the Amazon bestseller Business Networking for Dummies. Buy your copy from Amazon HERE
I understand how to make business networking work and I help my clients understand that too.
Most people make some fundamental mistakes when they network. I make sure that everyone I work with has a robust system which turns their networking into prospects and their prospects into sales.
If you would like to become more confident in your networking, if you would like your networking to actually start working, then connect with me and let's see if we can work together.
I would love you to connect with me on social media, you can find me at:
Stefan Thomas Speaker Showreel


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Member Testimonials

  • Stef, as honest as the day is long. A come forward sort of guy and a man of his word. Advertising in CTWitney helped us springboard the Oxford launch of 4N and the editorial didn't do us any harm either! ;)
  • I have to thank Stef for helping me launch my range of Caribbean Sauces into Aston Pottery. It was his contact, his enthusaism for my product and his brain that identified a "Pottery" as an outlet for Calyspo. I would have never have thought of a pottery as a potential retailer. Thanks mate. Oh and he is a good customer too"! He also never ever moans when I ask him to deliver my products to other 4N members he meets. His support online has been nothing short of amazing.
  • I thank Stef for introducing me to 4N, Now im here im not leaving! even if Brad looks like a bouncer, soory door person. Thank you for introducing me stef, and its great to talk/text to you via Skype now and again. Helped me too with a listing, Nice one Stef, your a Top Guy!
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What I do

  • Business networking
  • Author
  • Training & Motivational Speaker
  • Business Advice Training and Mentoring
  • Inspirational keynote speakers

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Last online 22nd Oct 2018
Member since 19th Oct 2007
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