What I Offer…

Essential Wellness with Mrs B

As a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate I am committed to ensuring my customers learn how to use their products to maximum effect.  So many people have an odd bottle or two of oil languishing at the back of the bathroom cabinet and have no idea of what a high quality Essential Oil can do to improve many areas of their life!

With a dōTERRA account you not not get pure, potent oils and other wellness products, you get ongoing support and education, helping you relieve issues with sleep, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, immunity support and many many more benefits. 

Whatever ails you I can help you find an oil to help!


Why I’m good at what I do…

All my working life I have been in jobs just because they were convenient, fitting a single aspect of my life, mainly location. Although on the whole I enjoyed each job that I’ve had, I’ve never been truly passionate about one, they were simply a pay packet!  Fast forward 30 years and out of the blue I find my passion, I wasn’t looking to run a business but, when I began using dōTERRA to support my autistic Daughter with sleep and anxiety issues, I found them to be so potent and effective that I felt compelled to share this knowledge! 

So here I am  - sharing my new found passion and loving it!

What I do

  • Business Opportunity in Health & Wellness
  • Corporate & Personal Stress Busting
  • Better nights sleep
  • emotional health and wellbeing
  • Health & Wellness Products

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