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Talk To Me Mediation provides a dispute resolution service for small businesses.

We are small business troubleshooters and our aim is to advise, inform and if necessary mediate.

 Disagreements will inevitably arise from time to time in business relationships.  These can be very

damaging for a small business, especially one that has only recently set up.

If you are in dispute with your associates, employees, suppliers, or customers we can help you.

We will advise you of your options and provide you with information to put you on the right track.

If you are in deadlock and unable to resolve a  dispute, we offer a mediation service to help you

reach a settlement.  Mediation is the better option than going to court and with Talk To Me

Mediation it is quicker, low cost and confidential.

We also recognise that disputes can arise because it can be difficult for small businesses to comply

with trading laws, so if you need advice and assistance in this area we can help you.

We offer our first hour consultation free and generally our rates are very reasonable.








Why I’m good at what I do…

Chris Pike is the Director of Talk To Me Mediation (Wales) Ltd., a dispute resolution service for small businesses. She is an accredited civil and commercial mediator and qualified community mediator. She is experienced in business dispute resolution, and has worked in Trading Standards Departments across Wales as a qualified Education and Information Officer and Fair Trading Officer. Chris holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration and the Diploma in Consumer Affairs. Chris is a mediator who brings experience, good communication and knowledge based skills to the table, Her approach is a blend of empathy and understanding combined with energy and determination to reach a satisfactory resolution.







What I do

  • Small Business Dispute Resolution

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