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Business Hat is a business development company."So what?", I hear you say. I help business people to develop their business by providing them with as much or as little support as they require (and can afford). Courses, programme and retainers abound in the 'coaching' world. Many of them are crafted to suit the coach, not the client.

Business Hat was formed to help individuals and businesses gain the results they need. Sometimes this involves coaching, sometimes training, sometimes digging in to help, always being interested in what you do and need, and always looking out for business development opportunities for you (which is free and part of being a good business citizen!)

I help businesses with marketing strategy, professional sales skills and knowledge, and performance management (managing people). The reason for spinning all three plates at once is because they are inextricably linked - there is no point in focusing on keeping one plate spinning regardless of what impact this is having on the others! The plate in most urgent need of attention gets the attention.

Registered as a Growth Accelerator coach and training organisation to deliver marketing, sales and management of business performance growth (which means developing people to manage their business's performance.'Coach' (for Growth Accelerator) means advisor/coach/trainer - whatever is going to be effective. 

Membership Advisor for Forum of Private Business - which provides insurance and other essential business services using the power of group buying. It's a 'no brainer'. 

Partner at R&D Tax Solutions and Catax Solutions - both specialist areas of tax relief. I point businesses in the right direction to get their money back from HMRC.

Licensed Thomas International profiler.


Why I’m good at what I do…

The relevant stuff

I operated for 30 years in one of the toughest business environments around. Strictly regulated, no marketing to the consumer (it's illegal for prescription medicines), conjuring business from nothing. No relationships: little or no information on key players in the market: strong, wealthy and competent competition; animosity; regulation after regulation; all change for new products and new markets; high standard of technical product knowledge; massive targets. Well paid for a reason - it was tough! Admittedly we were funded with salaries, cars, usual stuff. But without results we would swiftly be out on our ears. So no room for mistakes, not being able to pinpoint problems fast and deal with them, or being able to recognise and exploit every opportunity when one presented.

Managing teams of people over huge geographies who were doing the same tough job (albeit well paid) to meet targets that would make most people run and hide meant using the very little time we had together to define and solve their individual challenges very swiftly, and hopefully, permanently (ready for the next spate of horrors to hit them!). 

Problems and barriers to business growth can be identified very swiftly and fixed. Coaching is sometimes appropriate and effective - but what if your coach has no idea (or intention) of helping you to fix your problem as well as identify it? Do you then do and find someone else (more £££) to fix your problem?

You can't coach a solution out of someone who has no absolutely no idea what the solution is. I only ask for coaching when I've competely run out of ideas - then I would rather have someone to tell me the answer (if they know) so I can get on with it!

Of course I do use coaching, but not exclusively and ad infinitum. Sometimes people just need a tool to be able to think through their own problem, or a business skill which they haven't yet discovered. My job was to collect a battery of business skills so they could be applied to fix very specific problems - very fast! 

If people want help to pinpoint their problem and fix it, I will help them - or find someone else who is better placed (and trusted) to help them. It doesn't take long. 

Having a nice chat about your problems is also an option, but I don't call that good value for money if you still have the problem at the end of it!



Born in India. Allowed into UK at 18 months. Did school. Trained at Westminster Hospital as a nurse. Trained at University Hospital of Wales as theatre nurse. Always wanted to be 'in business' because my dad was in business. At 23 I became convinced this was a good idea when I found that not only could I 'be in business' but by doing so could double my salary overnight, talk about horrible diseases and sell medicines to treat them AND have a metallic green Morris Marina 1.3L with brown nylon velour seats, rather than having my heart in my mouth every time I started a journey in my grandmother's mini.

Worked in the pharmaceutical industry in Wales, South West England, Scotland and North East England for 29 years. As 'medical representative' aka sales rep, trainer, national training manager and regional business manager. Was also part of launch team for a couple of blockbuster products and on brand team for Viagra (interesting, but probably not in the way you think)

Pharmaceutical sales management is very 'hands on' even though people are in the field and a long way from the office - especially in Scotland! The market is extremely difficult (no such thing is using social media), highly regulated (so loads of rules to adhere to) and antagonistic (on a par with bankers and lawyers).

The company which I joined in 1990 was effectively an SME in the UK. We went through merger after merger, reorganisation, changes of product portfolio and geography until 2003. In that time we had grown to 5th largest organisation in the world with the highest growth and sold out to Pfizer.

I was successful in sales and I developed very successful teams (though I say it myself!). Hence I was moved to pick up low performing teams and asked (ordered)  to make them high performing teams. This is not done by beating tpeople up, but by supporting, developing, encouraging, helping and motivating people. It's exhausting!!

So I had a bright idea that I would like to do this with interesting businesses and not just pharmaceuticals. Regardless of what anyone might tell you, the same skills and principles apply to small and medium size businesses as large corporations. There is NO hiding place in large corporations because they can see you blink! 

I have the teeshirt, the video, the scars, the experience to help business people - and do it very quickly. No programmes (because they don't work), no 'one size fits all' (because that doesn't work - sorry) and no retainers (because they work nicely for the coach/advisor, but not for the client. 

When I'm not working, I'm working because there is no 9-5 here. When I'm not working at all, I sing in chamber choirs, volunteer in the David Hall, South Petherton Arts Centre and spend time with my dog, Shuna.




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  • I have know Gill since 2007, however, it fills like I've known her for my entire life! Gill is quite simply amazing! She is so knowledgeable, it's just astounding. Gill listens, advises and helps (when required), quite simply the best! Thank you Gill, your help is all really appreciated
  • Thank you Gill for all your advice given over one whirl wind of a weekend we had a blast together tears laughter and a strong start to an enduring friendship x Susan Ashman 4N
  • I should've left this recommendation for Gill a long long time ago! Gill was there for me when I was going through quite the storm - always there with great advice! She is truly a lovely person and I couldn't thank her enough!
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