What I Offer…

We are a local well established Telecoms and Broadband provider. We have been running for 29 years. We pride ourselves on being a Communication Company that "Actually Communicates"

We look after customer sizes ranging from a single business owner with just a single line and broadband with a mobile up to our current largest customer Holland And Barrett with over 1200 stores where we look after all of thier communication network.

We Pride ourselves on providing customer service unchallenged in the Telecoms arena "Before, During and After a Sale"

Our website link is www.europeantelecomsolutions.co.uk   

Why I’m good at what I do…


My Name is Steve and i have been involved in Business Telecoms for the past 30 years. I started a long time ago with BT and wether you love them or hate them one thing that they do brilliantly is train thier staff and i have continued to use that platform throughout my career.

I pride myself on bieng a person who always gives 110% to my customers and give them what they want within thier cost parameters whilst also futureproofing thier business communication networks wether that be a single line with a mobile or a Corporate Company with Multiple sites.

I am married and have been with my wife for 30 years now and she keeps us all together and level headed. i have 2 grandchildren who i adore and they certainly keep me young !!

My favorite holiday destination is Florida and i would love to live out there but i would need to win the Lottery to afford that but hey who knows it may happen one day ?   

What I do

  • IT Systems Support it solutions and Telecoms
  • Business Telecoms
  • Broadband Landline and Mobiles

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