What I Offer…

I am a Master Wellness Coach offering support and guidance to recover from serious health challenges. My speciality is helping individuals and their families dealing with cancer.

A great believer in evidence based testing to assess what the body needs, as well as following our intuition.

Don't wait until you have a life threatening diagnosis, work towards optimal health and wellbeing before you or a family member gets a nasty wake up call.

Why I’m good at what I do…

Elaine Godley, MBA, FRSA, O.A.Dip (Psychology)

I gained an MBA in Legal Practice from Nottingham Law School in 1997. A high-flying single mother in later years, I set up my first design, installation, manufacturing and retail business in the late 1970s and built it with my second husband to £2M turnover. In 1986 I started a City career and enjoyed roles within professional services firms including Pannell Kerr Forster, Grant Thornton and Simmons and Simmons. I then became CEO of a provincial law firm and COO for Ernst and Young running a consultancy division of 200+ team members.

In 1998 I left the corporate world and turned to my love of trouble shooting via interim and consultancy assignments. Along the way I also created and ran 6 business networks, latterly mentoring 40+ business women every month.

I am a ‘go to’ expert in the DISC model of Behavioural Profiling, especially regarding recruitment and how improved team dynamics can raise the bottom line. My expertise in profiling links nicely with my own personal health journey. I can predict potential health challenges for all personality types and mentors senior managers to avoid the pitfalls of trying to be ‘superman and woman’.

Born with a serious kidney condition, I cured it myself with natural therapies after being on drugs for 23 years and told by medics that I would be on antibiotics for life. A four-time cancer survivor, I was given just 1 year to live in July 2015 following a diagnosis of Stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I beat it swiftly in a record time of 14 weeks and now mentors others on how to take control of their own health and wellbeing using an integrative approach.

A straight talking pragmatist, I pull no punches when I talk to senior managers, especially women in business, and suggest they should wake up and smell the roses. Working all hours at senior level, managing a home and family, with little time for yourself, is a recipe for disaster with poor health or burnout a strong likelihood.

I am a long-standing Fellow of The RSA and hold diplomas in Psychology, Nutrition, Online Marketing and Brand Management. I speak British Sign Language, and am a mother of a son with Asperger’s Syndrome who lives with me. I have a daughter and two teenage grandsons.

A veteran charity fundraiser and event organiser, I was co-founder and Chair of Trustees for The HUK Foundation which provided support and guidance to small charities and community groups.
I am a Master Wellness Coach and Mentor and love engaging with audiences of all sizes as a speaker, workshop presenter and trainer.

My specialist topics are:-

• Team Dynamics – How to Improve Productivity and the Bottom Line
• Super Woman? – How to Avoid Burnout and be Super Successful
• They Said it Can’t be Done – So I did it MY WAY - How I beat stage IV Cancer in Record Time
• 17 Ways to use DISC Behavioural Profiling
• 14 Common Recruitment Mistakes

I volunteer for a cancer charity www.yestolife.org.uk and mentor those living with cancer.

Things I like…

Having fun, painting, walking in nature, red wine, gin, nice manners, chilling with friends and family

Member Testimonials

  • I have had the pleasure of listening to Elaine 4sight a few times now and there are there a few things guaranteed each time; Elaine's stories will engage, surprise and inspire you in equal measures. Each time a different part of her life story unfolds you are left wondering what next!

What I do

  • I help people to recover from cancer and other serious health conditions  and am presenter for a health radio show.

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