What I Offer…

Working across different business sectors in global markets, we have the experience and innovation to assist all SME's grow their business successfully. With strong networks across various sectors your business development is key and we can assist you immensely. We have assisted several companies of various sizes become incredibly suuccessful through guidance support and change.

Business is always about people and that is the key ingredient!!!

Why I’m good at what I do…

I have worked across the globe helping small business grow as well as multi national corporate organisations. I'm  leader with innovative management skills that engages, embraces and influences people.  I have successfully started many small businesses from scratch to great success. I enjoy the challenge to help SME's develop and grow their business through innovation and simplicity. My last project was to help build a small company of 4 people to 50 in 5 years and now has a value of $30m. 



What I do

  • Business Risk Management

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