What I Offer…

Protect your business. Properly.

Konsileo is a commercial insurance broker, using data and tech to put people and customers first. Regulated by the FCA and building our very own technology platform for our broker employees to use - Konsileo brokers work in a virtualised but engaged environment with compliance and operational efficiency built in from the start.

Want to know what we think the future of commercial insurance broking will look like? Why not head to our website konsileo.com and download our free research report which was launched earlier in 2017 with The CII and PKF Littlejohn. 

Why I’m good at what I do…

I have been in insurance since 1989  - ranging from claims, underwriting, broking and on the management & operations side with companies such as NFU Mutual, Marsh and Allied Insurance Brokers.

I also hold Cert CII & NEBOSH Level 3 qualifications and have held research positions meaning I fully understand emerging risks in several insurance markets. My extensive experience in the inter related fields of Commercial Insurance and Health & Safety ensures that I can comprehensively advise my clients on the best value for money covers to protect their businesses.


What I do

  • All classes of Business Insurance

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