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Business Doctors is a network of experienced business people, passionate about sharing our skills and experiences.

Our aim is to offer ‘hands-on’ support to business owners enabling them to overcome their individual challenges and helping them to achieve their aspirations for growth.

Whilst we operate within the consulting industry we are not traditional consultants. Our approach is different and involves getting into the nuts and bolts of businesses providing practical advice every step of the way.

Our clients may be striving to achieve the next level of growth in turnover and profitability, working hard without seeing the results, facing staffing issues or planning to build the value of their business for financial security.

Business Doctors has developed and helped transform hundreds of companies across a spectrum of industries, filling a gap in the market between the big four consultancies and specialist individuals.

Helping businesses is what we do, but asking for help is a deeply personal decision for any business owner. It is important that there is mutual trust before any engagement and for this reason we offer a risk-free way of getting to know each other better.

• FREE - BUSINESS HEALTH CHECK: a couple of hours together, talking about your business: what you want to achieve, your concerns & challenges. There might be value in working together; there might not. There's nothing to lose; Contact me at richard.oram@businessdoctors.co.uk or look here, https://www.businessdoctors.co.uk/Derby

• FREE - VALUE BUILDER: Valuable insight into the value of your business. It's absolutely free, proven, confidential & takes half an hour. Click here, http://www.thevaluebuildersystem.com/survey-business-doctors-uk

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  • Business Advice Coaching and Training
  • Business coaching and advice

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