What I Offer…

I offer all aspects of quality management services including: -

  • Achieving Cost Savings for organisations by making their business processes more effective
  • Improving Profit Margin by ensuring that Service Level Agreements provide Best Value for the Stakeholders
  • Acting as an objective advisor on Corporate Strategy and Business issues
  • Providing Advice and Independent Support on all areas of Quality Management Services including ISO 9001
  • Supporting in-house Client Teams with their Process and Performance Management activities and Reports
  • Introducing Best Practice Templates for KPI’s and Performance Outcomes
  • Setting up effective Audit Regimes for Products and Services
  • Assisting in the Documentation of Processes and Procedures
Why I’m good at what I do…

Having a proven track record of helping organisations across all sectors, on a large and small scale, I am ideally placed to help businesses improve their end to end business processes, and operational procedures. I can help businesses to save money, increase their customer satisfaction levels and improve their business results.
I achieve this by working with people at all levels and by introducing simple, yet effective, improvement tools and techniques, they will be involved, and feel empowered.
I get staff to think about how they can work smarter, and make a difference to overall service delivery.
I make this happen by being pragmatic, and by committing my time and effort into improving business processes, this helps businesses to deliver improved output to their customers.

Things I like…

Because I have such a varied business life, it means that I enjoy every day of what I do!
Every day is different and brings fresh challenges, but that's what I like, seeing people being empowered to improve what they do every day brings great job satisfaction.
Away from the workplace, I like to relax by playing golf, watching sport and travelling to new destinations.

What I do

  • I provide quality management services to businesses that are looking to improve their product and service offering.
  • I can help businesses to improve profit margin.
  • I can streamline business processes.
  • I can optimise service levels.

My Stats

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