What I Offer…

Meerkat Telemarketing is a professional B2B telemarketing company.

Started in 2001by Portia. It is a no frills "does what it says on the tin" set up. Meerkat couldn’t be more far removed from a call centre if it tried.

No number crunching - just honest down to earth professional telephone calls with the aim of trying to win new business and build up a sales pipeline for my clients.

Its about Telemarketing NOT Telesales!!

Main disciplines are Lead Generation, Appointment setting, Event Maximization, Research and Customer Service calls. I can now offer inhouse training if your staff are worried about picking up the phone.

Trial Projects can usually be from about 10 days - one Client campaign lasted full time for two years.

Being realistic and professional is key.


Why I’m good at what I do…

The Good Life

On a personal level Im passionate about animal welfare and I could be called a Hobby Farmer, as a hobby I rear Rare Breed British pigs, have kept orphan lambs, goats and very FREE range hens. Im a gardener, cook and bottler washer.

I love Antiques, good red wine and all things good and decent in life, I opted out the Rat Race a while ago and work from home.

I love the great outdoors - and girlie weekends away doing cultural stuff. I lived in the Isles of Scilly for 7years - and my son was born there!

That said Im more comfy in wellies & old jeans than a business suit - this is why I LOVE 4N  Normal people doing normal things but in a business like way.

If I could "break the mould" I would. We are all just people at the end of the day.


Being of a certain age I have worked across many industries, often clawing my way up to the top after a very short time. I pride myself on being realistic and appealing to people's better nature. I dont openly display my recommendations on here, my longevity speaks volumes and so do my clients - Im happy for any new client to speak with them directly, or you can find me on LinkedIn.

I get results, if I cant I will tell you so. I will not waste your time or your money or fill your head with clever business speak.

If you would like to have an informal chat anytime please do get in touch - I dont bite.

I am happy to look at BIG projects or last minute ones if you need a leg up with something.

I am reknown for having a good sense of humour but I do take my work very seriously.

Generally meeting up is not always essential so that said I have clients from all over the UK and sometimes from overseas.

Keep smiling and GIVE ME A CALL!!


Member Testimonials

  • Portia is a very genuine, honest and experienced business lady who wants to work in the best interest of her clients. We recommend her without reservation.
  • We contracted Portia to carry out telemarketing after three abortive attempts with other companies. In the first month Portia was way ahead of the other companies that we had used. Portia has taken the time to understand our company and puts that across to our client base gaining new leads.

What I do

  • Telemarketing
  • Business Development
  • Business Advice Training and Mentoring
  • Lead generation and Appointment setting
  • Implementation & Interim Support

My Stats

Last online 20th Dec 2017
Member since 30th May 2008
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Meetings attended 88
4N ranking 82094 in the UK