What I Offer…

The following is just part of the list of ways in which we help those who suffer from conditions affecting their bones or joints – to give you a flavour. It’s an ever expanding list of ideas and, if you have any of your own, then please don’t be shy… let us know what YOU feel Honeybones could do!

1. The production and distribution of literature on all kinds of topics from an employee/employer rights and responsibilities to specific information regarding bone and joint conditions.

2. The setting up, and running of, face to face support groups wherever, geographically, there is sufficient demand.

3. To research, gather and share advice and guidance regarding a holistic approach to your wellbeing while managing your specific condition.

4. The ongoing development of the Honeybones online presence – our forum being the main hub of this, designed to offer an online community to both those who want to be helped and those who want to help others.

5. We will also consider applications for funding from individuals on a case by case basis e.g For physiotherapy/ fitness related assistance / childcare support / transportation

We are passionate about taking the help that Honeybones can offer to those that need it.

Why I’m good at what I do…

Growing up in the aftermath of childhood cancer was one thing.

Having a hip effectively break itself in my teens, as a result of being weakened by radiotherapy, was quite another and hearing the words; "you'll never walk again" at the age of 15 was not quite what I would have hoped for.

Thankfully, they were wrong and I went on to recover.

At 33, I heard those same words again and was on the verge of reaching for the "wheelchair brochure" (is there such a thing?) when I decided that I would simply not give in.

A genius of a surgeon, a total hip replacement, masses of determination and the support of a wife and two sons later... and I was back to my best.

Correction, I was back to "better than my best".

I became a regular triathlete, swimmer, fitness intructor, cyclist and passionate advocate for an active lifestyle for all.

Proudest moment to date (aside from my wedding day and the birth of my two sons, of course): Becoming an Ironman in Sweden, August 2014.

I feel incredibly lucky to be where I now am and, through the charity which I set up wth Lisa, my wife, Honeybones, we strive to educate, support and inspire others who suffer from conditions affecting their bones and joints.

What I do

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