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Ernie (SAID), the Speaking Academy for Inspired Dialogue, works with business owners and networkers to change the words which describe their emotions as they wait to speak from 'Booming heart rate - Anxiety - Dread' to Comfortable - Confident - Inspired. Partnering with two professional practitioners skilled in quelling anxiety we offer the tips and techniques of public speaking along with the group and one on one work with the practitioners.

We have seen that even successful business owners have bouts of sickness and sleepless nights when they have to give presentations, and they have said that this has affected their business and their health.

Income and profit can be lost through a garbled presentation. The levels of stress caused by anxiety can lead to tears, and physical tightening of the throat and personal recognition can be lost through standing back when opportunities present themselves. 

We offer courses, workshops and one to one sessions to work with your preparation to speak, the practice of your speech, your posture when speaking and the performance of your presentation. We believe the more comfortable you are standing in front of people, the more confident you are in speaking clearly and the more inspiring your presentation is-the more memorable you will become.

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Be an 'Inspired Speaker!' The 4 P's of Perfect Presentations.
Have you risen from bed at 5.30 am to present your business to colleagues? Have you talked confidently to strangers at a coffee table? Then why is it your '60 Second Presentation' fills you with dread, comes out with so many 'umms and errs' that you wonder yourself why you came, and you do not get the leads you expected from networking?
In this programme, you will learn how to prepare yourself for the moment, present your message effectively and be able to change the message in a moment if the situation needs.
You will also learn how to be the first to put your hand up if the main speaker has not shown up and still WHOW the crowd. 

Ernie Boxall was not born to be on stage, overweight and shy from a very early age, he had only his love of sport to lean on as a way of mixing in. Now he leads seminars, speaks on podcasts, presents keynote speeches and is sought after to facilitate messages for business in general and speaking in particular. He also tells stories, reads poetry and performs with his Native American flute.
Whether clients need to gain or improve their speaking, presenting and communication skills or, simply grow as an individual through talking to clients, family or authorities, they learn to look forward to these opportunities and make their presentations, their stories the best they can be. But most of all Ernie brings his unique qualities and frailties to the programme so that everyone understands that this isn't a 'read the book'-'Do it by the numbers' type of learning. He has addressed audiences of business owners, charities and organisations throughout the world by podcasts and live events with positive reviews and has made lifelong friends through his stories and speaking ability; he looks forward to the opportunity to deliver his brand of 'Speaker-containment' to your audiences.


Member Testimonials

  • A Brilliant 4Sight! Ernie came to Leamington Evening and gave a superb show and one of the best starts to a 4Sight ever! It had it all - laughs, thoughts, props and a great ending! Recommended!
  • Ernie's a long & trusted friend - we met networking years ago. Ernie's speaking techniques have really helped me, ever since my Groom speech in 2008. Everything Ernie says sticks in your mind due to his delivery & presence. Ernie gives Tai Chi lessons & Shiatzu massage which I also highly recommend.
  • Ernie 4 Sighted for us in March and his presentation was excellent. The group was talking about it during the one-to-ones and it made us all think about our lives and our stories. Thanks Ernie!
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  • Speaking and Mentoring
  • Exercise for Over 50s
  • Shiatsu Relaxation Therapy

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