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Out and About Advertising Ltd develop and markets the Poster Space on Local Billboards for Local Business in the Thames Valley. Poster Advertising is a cost effective medium. Why? - Posters are visibile 24/7 and they stand out with little or no competition from other adverts. They cannot be switched off, turned over, blocked or retuned - You do not need to "Opt in" or "Search" to see an Outdoor Poster. Strategically placed, a poster can be highly targeted, ensuring little or no wastage - they effectively and repeatedly direct customers to your business / Web Site and make them aware of your goods, offers and services. It's like having an extra shop window giving you extra presence on a major road, reminding your existing customers and attracting / directing new customers.

Posters - Advertising you don't have to "Search" for.

What makes a good poster?

"Keep it Simple"

"6 words 6 seconds" - The time taken to absorb the message when driving by - unless you have a captive audience on e.g. the Tube or Railway Station.

When designing a poster on a PC or Mac 18" from you, remember the poster is seen at 30 to 60m away so make the Company logo big, make the copy bold, make the copy stand out with a strong contrast. Black on Yellow stands out the most.

Change the design often to refresh the message

Add humour - colour - photo background image - a puppy!

If your poster is to be displayed for more than a month use a vynil or similar substrate as paper absorbs moisture and can wrinkle when it dries out. I use a recyclable material.

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Why I’m good at what I do…

I have been in the Outdoor Advertising business for 30 years. As Development and Commercial Director of one of the largest UK Outdoor Advertising contractors I led my team to increase the site estate from 3,000 to over 30,000 poster advertising panels. For 13 years I was the Outdoor Advertising Association's (OAA) representative on the Outdoor Advertising Council (OAC) - for 2 years as Chairman. The OAC represented the planning interests of the OAA and the British Sign and Graphics Association. I was part of a Buy In Management Buy Out (BIMBO) in 1993 and this led to an IPO a few years later. In 2002 I was very fortunate to be sent to Harvard Business School where I completed the Advanced Management Programme - a 2 month highly intensive Global Leadership programme - (Dragon - James Caan was on the same course one year later). I have experience working in Outdoor Advertising in Moscow, Warsaw, Prague, Paris and Dublin.

In 2006 the company was sold and having almost reached 50 years of age and not looking to commute so much, I formed Out and About Advertising Ltd developing Local Billboards for Local Business in the Thames Valley. I'm an active member of the Federation of Small Businesses. The FSB "Keep Trade Local" campaign is supported by my Local Billboards for Local Business.

I love golf and I'm the Immediate Past Captain (2012) at Hazlemere Golf Club near High Wycombe. I play in lots of home and away matches in mixed and mens four ball better ball events. Hazlemere Golf Club is "Where it all began" for the World #1 Golfer Luke Donald who was our 2 x Junior Champion. We have also hosted the UKs 1st Ladies European Tour Access Series Open. The Club once featured on the Vicar of Dibley. It's set in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

I joined the Rotary Club in 2008 - "Service above Self" It's a great organisation and they meet weekly. I have been the Press & Publicity Officer for our local club one of the largest in the District. I did take part in a weekly Reading in Schools programme - for a couple of hours spent listening to Primary School children reading and discussing books on a one to one basis. I'm currently on a years leave of absence during my Golf Club Captains year as that is very busy and I still have my business to run.

Member of 4C Wycombe - Companies Commited to Community Collabaration - Corporate Social Responsibility

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