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INSTRUMENTAL is the UK's only membership group for musicians and singers from the world of business. Groups meet fortnightly for 3 hour sessions where they get to perform with other business people as well as network with likeminded people with similar interests.

Instrumental is perfect for people who either play guitar, drums, bass, trumpet, saxaphone, cello, violin or any other instrument that you can plug in and play. Our members really love the fact that Instrumental provide the songs and arrangements, all our members have to do is turn up, work together to learn their parts and perform.

For more information on events, new groups, established groups, contact Nick on 07515 287193 / nick@letsgoinstrumental.co.uk or Caroline on 07970462981 / caroline@letsgoinstrumental.co.uk

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Hi and thanks for checking out ME!

I'm Nick and along with Caroline Andrew Johnstone, we run INSTRUMENTAL. 

After 10 years fo self employment (mrpresenter.com) I've met numerous current and ex musicians who for whatever reason don't have an outlet to play with other people or play in a band. Being a musician and writer, it seemed like the perfect match - create a business that brings musicial people together so they can do what they love doing - playing, singing and performing.

I approached Caroline (who I've known for years) to ask her if she thought my idea to create 'groups of musicians' and she liked it that much she wouldn't let me leave the room unless she was IN. And so it began......

I'm interested in speaking to musicians and singers who want to experience an INSTRUMENTAL session so if that's you, lets talk!!!


Nick 07515 287193 / nick@letsgoinstrumental.co.uk



Member Testimonials

  • A great addition to the 4N Network. I had a quick and painless training session with Nick. The results were fantastic – not only am communicating better with prospects and clients, but I have improved my 40-seconds at 4N events and seen results improve by 10 fold. Would highly recommend
  • Great speaking earlier Nick, i heard some good things about you already even though your a new boy.. you'll do brill from within the community. Welcome fella.
  • Nick is a fantastic chap. He contributes well to the 4Networking meetings and does some excellent 4sights. On a personal note, after just one hour he has changed my approach to, what was, the dreaded telemarketing. I now approach it with a positive attitude. Many thanks Nick! I would recommend Nick to anyone.
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  • Business services

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