What I Offer…

Lesleywriter at Inside News is the writing division of the company, specialising in getting your message across to your target audience - in the way THEY want to read it.

We work with web designers, SEO experts, web project managers to add value to what they offer their clients.

Go and take a look at our dedicated blog site www.webcopythatpeopleread.com and sign up to our information service to get regular short info messages stuffed with useful resources.

What do you get from Lesleywriter?

A passion for helping people to read - we love helping people to get their messages to connect with their target readers.

It's not only what people read that's important - it's also HOW they read. It's pointless having killer copy (although that's important too), if it's presented in a way that makes it hard to read.

You won't find us suggesting we design your website, but you will get a detailed review of how people connect with your website and what is working and what could be improved. Of course, if you want copy, you can have that too - our team are seasoned professional copywriters.

You'll be getting a passion for words, a love of language - and the ability to spot a typo at 10 paces!

Our speciality is bringing together the words and the visuals - most writers don't get taught about visual presentation of the message; and most designers don't get taught how to present information in the most readable format. There's a hole in the middle - that's where Inside News comes in - to bridge the gap between the words and the visuals and ensure that they click together seamlessly.

What will you get in the way of results?

  • Websites that people stick to, read and take action on
  • Brochures that people do actually read
  • Newsletters that get opened and that people know will always deliver useful and interesting information
  • Press releases and articles that get published
  • Marketing letters that connect with the reader successfully
  • Speeches that deliver your message better than you can alone - and in your own words and style!

In business your written material is important - it's what people take away and read when you're not there to explain things. Make sure you don't need to be present for them to get your message, loud and clear!

If you want to know more I have a number of 4Sights available:


Don't reinvent the wheel! (NEW)

Everyone is busy so creating one piece of writing and then turning into multi-functional marketing magic is a great tool.  Find out how many different things you can do with one item!

Blogging for Business (NEW)

If you think blogging is an indulgent exercise for people who like to write, this 4sight will explain the benefits of blogging for your business.  You'll discover what to blog about, how to blog if you aren't great shakes at writing and how to use your blogs intelligently to drive traffic to your website.

Booked at:  

Delivered at:  Sudbury, Braintree, Hemel Hempstead

Your Online Marketing Month 

Marketing isn't something only big organisations need to do - and it doesn't have to be expensive.  There are dozens of free ways to market using the power of the world wide web.  This 4sight takes a look at what you can do - and how to integrate the activities into your monthly schedule.

Delivered at:  East Herts, Moby Dick, St Albans EVENING

Dealing with difficult people 

People with complaints make you feel bad, especially if they're upset or angry.  However, there's a way to deal with them that will not only ensure they go away feeling valued, but can turn your company from ordinary to world class in one simple step.

Delivered at  Ipswich, Sevenoaks, Chelmsford

Headline News! 

What makes a good headline?  And where do you need one?  An interactive session that will help you to create the headlines that hook in potential clients.

Booked at:  Watford EVENING

Delivered at Brentwood South, Waltham Abbey, Chelmsford , Colchester,

Why I’m good at what I do…

I started writing in primary school - and haven't stopped since! I always dreamed of writing a best selling novel, until I discovered that helping people to deliver key messages was much more exciting.

Somewhere along the line I realised that whilst writers can write and designers can design - there's a gap in the middle where the most compelling copy and the most inspired visual images just don't work together as a means of delivering a message.

There has to be a partnership - so that the visuals attract and then showcase the message in a way that enables people to connect with it quickly and easily. Having studied this - in particular in relation to websites - I'm now on a mission to help companies deliver highly readable messages!

If your website is more of a Grand National, with big obstacles where people fall off - you'll find our skills will help you to turn it into a Derby, a smooth ride from start to finish!

Where did I learn all this? Writing for newspapers and magazines, learning to edit books, working alongside people who had studied this themselves (in some of the biggest advertising agencies - like JWT and BBDO), devouring books from the experts like Vic Flanders, Jakob Nielsen and Steve Krug - and good old common sense! Once you know what you're looking for it's obvious - but, for most of us, it's a case of 'can't see the wood for the trees'.

Am I passionate about this? You bet! Try and get me off my soapbox!

Member Testimonials

  • I have known Lesley for some years now and have always been impressed by how proficient she is, whilst demonstrating her competitive costs. The clients I have recommended to here, have always fed back positively on her professionalism and personalism. I commend her services unreservedly. Lucy
  • Lesley gave me some feedback on my website... It needs rewriting! she said. So she did - and what a difference... and the real value Lesley brings is writing it from the reader's perspective. Very highly recommended. Kevin
  • Lesley's work is excellent. She works hard knows her stuff and is as honest as they come.Thanks again. John
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