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"WillBeCo" - Services for new development projects LAND DEVELOPMENT EXPERTISE

Based on nearly 30 years rounded development construction experience of chartered civil engineer Will Baker with contractors (Gallifords) development authorities (Commission for the New Towns/EP), consulting engineers (Scott Wilson, Acer/Hyder consulting) and then as consultant or contractor to a multitude of private clients of developers, contractors, authorities, estate owners, investors and other professionals.

[Eur Ing WJ Baker BSc CEng MICE, chartered as a civil engineer in 1987]

Services offered

1. Land development consultant- early advice and steering to create and realise opportunity

2. Site finding for developers

3. Topographic land surveys on CAD

4. Setting out boundaries, sites and full construction projects

5. Technical input for sorting land boundary disputes

6. Construction/ development team building

7. Construction procurement and business development

We work with other professionals and businesses and majored previously in building, leading and winning DBFO projects. See the book "The Missing Museum" by Andrew Thorburn for our most famous project and how it got scuppered. We have an extensive personal contact network of professionals based on Peterborough, Cambridge, London. ENDS

What I do

  • Building & construction

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