What I Offer…

When Did You Last Take a Proper Holiday?

At Appletree we work with people who want to grow their businesses, get off the feast and famine rollercoaster and be able to take proper holidays!

  • Do you know where your next job or pay cheque will come from?
  • Do you have months when you're so busy you don't have time to sleep?
  • Do you run out of time and money to properly promote your business?

You're not alone! Many owners of small businesses get stuck on the feast and famine rollercoaster. We help people get off it and stay off it!

We work with business ownwers who:

  • Struggle to find the time to promote their businesses properly
  • Would rather get on with their real jobs, than try to find the time to market their business on a regular basis
  • Have tried different marketing activities which haven't worked and have cost them you too much money.

How can we help?

Using over 17 years of experience, we work out the best form of marketing for you to use, depending on what you want to achieve. We create a strong Marketing Plan for your business to follow, showing you how to integrate all your different marketing activities, to make them easier and more effective. Then we get on and do the marketing for you with our 'done for you' service; or we show you how to do and support you through it, with our Marketing Mentoring service.

Want to get started and plan your next holiday?

We look forward to hearing from you!

Why I’m good at what I do…

Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved to make up stories. She wrote the most wonderful, descriptive stories about the places she'd been, the people she'd met and the things she'd done.

When she grew up, the little girl got a job in marketing, where she could be paid for writing stories about the companies she worked for. Sometimes the stories were put onto the company's websites, sometimes they were issued as press releases and sometimes they were sent out as newsletters.

Then one day, the now rather grown up little girl decided that what she really wanted to do was to write stories for as many people as possible. So she left her job and set up her own business, which she called Appletree. She started writing stories for dozens of different businesses, that they could use on their websites, in their press releases and in their newsletters. She now has lots of other boys and girls working with her, helping her to tell her clients' stories and help spread the word about them. And she'll carry on doing this until there are no stories left to tell!

The End

Member Testimonials

  • If marketing isn't your business, you need input from an expert. Working monthly with Chantal I have established what to focus on, and what not to; we’ve outlined 4Sights, created lists of blog topics, tweaked my website and formulated a marketing strategy that suits me and my business. Many thanks!
  • Today I was lucky to listen to Chantal's 4Sight. It was not just marvellous but very interesting & useful. Simplicity is always a good point, envolving people is very grateful method during a presentation. She was very trustworthy and authentic, and I'm sure her quality in marketing is really high.
  • Woohoo first testimonial! I spent an hour with Chantal this week getting some inspiration on how to make my 40 seconds spiel more interesting. Though I love what I do, I couldn't find a way to (a) make proofreading/editing sound exciting and (b) let people know how I can help them, but after the session with Chantal I was buzzing with ideas! She took time to really understand what it is that I do and then went through each aspect of my business separately, coming up with ideas for each area. I came away with outlines for at least 8 intros and many actually have infinite changes I could make. Really, I should never do the same 40 seconds twice from now on! I found Chantal to be friendly yet very professional and really enjoyed the session as well as finding it very useful too.

What I do

  • Marketing & PR
  • Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Sales and Marketing Plans
  • Ecommerce Web Design Email Marketing.

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