What I Offer…

A Coach 4 U -> James McCulloch is an experienced Life Coach whose mission is to work with and support people who want to get the best out of their lives. James helps them to set and achieve realistic goals and also to identify and live their dreams.

Practising from his base in Knutsford, Jim works on a one-to one basis, coaching his clients either in person or over the telephone. His approach is supportive, positive and empathetic.

He works on a short-term or on-going basis, depending on individual requirements, offering a completely confidential and impartial service which enables his clients to reach within themselves and establish what they really want from life.

This is often achieved through developing personal confidence, realising a long held ambition, planning for the future after a significant life event, or seeking a new job / career.

Why I’m good at what I do…

I started coaching many years ago before the Profession, as we know it today, was invented. My first 'calling' was to the Church, and after not following that through, twice, i worked with the homeless in Manchester, as part of the team developing the City Councils strategy for and towards homeless people. I then moved on to being Housing Director for the YMCA and subsequently Chief Executive. I left the YM' in 2000 as i had acuired some management qualifications and wanted to broaden my horizons within Consultancy / Interim Management.

I started my Coaching practice about 6 years ago after reading a book called "Be Your Own Life coach", and realised that this was what I wanted to do and was already doing with friends and others!! I have trained with the Coaching Academy and with Anthony Robbins, and am now part of Tony's Senior Leadership and Trainer Team.

I have my own Coach who is one of tony Robbins Master Trainers and the only person I know to have 2 Ph.d's

I am an incredibly happy almost 50 year old, divorced with two fantastic sons, 16 & 19. I live in knutsford, Cheshire and love life, oh and Formula One racing.


Member Testimonials

  • Business coaches seem to be popping up everywhere, but James is one worth speaking to. Very knowledgeable, supportive, and helpful with a big generosity of good spirit. Everyone needs a coach and James is one that I'd be happy to work with.
  • What sets Jim apart from other life coaches? Generosity of spirit, empathy and an ability to foster meaningful transformation and lasting success for clients in all aspects of their life through value driven change. That’s my view - but why not find out for yourself - 1 to 1 recommended!
  • James and I met at our first 4N event and always find time for a quick natter when we find ourselves at the same meeting. James has a passion for helping people achieve their goals that really comes across when you meet him and is a real benefit to his clients.

What I do

  • Life Coaching & Leadership Consultancy

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