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  • I feel like I have known Terry for years, although unsure why. I ran the Swindon 4N group a hundred years ago when 4N first started, so it couldn't have been then, as Terry was a mere lad at that time. Think it must be that he is an all round good egg and fits in with everyone, no matter what :)
  • Just took delivery of my new branded pens and they're fantastic! Just the job - and I can't wait to send them out to my clients. Looking forward to seeing Terry wave them about in the near future at 4N Nottingham! Thanks also for dropping them off personally - much appreciated.
  • Recently took delivery of pens and umbrellas from Terry and the reaction from clients has been fantastic. Terry took time to discuss my requirements and help me consider all the options to ensure the finished articles were top notch quality and at the right price. Excellent job well done.
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What I do

  • Promotional merchandise
  • Work wear
  • Sports Kit

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Last online 22nd Aug 2019
Member since 2nd Mar 2009
Number of testimonials 13
Meetings attended 1812
4N ranking 1 in the UK

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