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  • I've know Terry for over 6 years through 4N. He is consistent and determined in what he does, and he is also incredibly supportive - the little snippets of wisdom he can impart, based on his vast number of years of experience, have helped me keep going. Thanks mate.
  • I feel like I have known Terry for years, although unsure why. I ran the Swindon 4N group a hundred years ago when 4N first started, so it couldn't have been then, as Terry was a mere lad at that time. Think it must be that he is an all round good egg and fits in with everyone, no matter what :)
  • Just took delivery of my new branded pens and they're fantastic! Just the job - and I can't wait to send them out to my clients. Looking forward to seeing Terry wave them about in the near future at 4N Nottingham! Thanks also for dropping them off personally - much appreciated.
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What I do

  • Promotional merchandise
  • Work wear
  • Sports Kit

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Last online 2nd Jul 2020
Member since 2nd Mar 2009
Number of testimonials 13
Meetings attended 1954
4N ranking 9 in the UK

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