What I Offer…

Time2Cleanse helps people to lose weight, gain lean muscle and improve their wellness with Isagenix Products and Systems. Feel fitter, healthier and improve sports performance.

My personal story is I have a gut disease that was controlled by steroids but now I am off these and feel fitter, healthier  and have more energy - as I did before I got ill over 30 years ago.  Plus I've lost 1.5 stones and 30cm of body fat - loving being a dress size smaller (and moving to two dress sizes smaller) and losing my fat in all the right places!!  Isagenix is food and it doesn't claim to cure anything but with the good nutrition and wonderful products in a 30 day cleanse it's great what happens! I coach and support people when using the products and by dealing direct with me we get preferred pricing and there is a 30 day money back guarantee.

There are sports performance products used by Olympic Athletes (who choose to do so because they are clean) for those looking for better results.  It works well for healthy ageing too!  One lady did the cleanse at 76 years and now a fit and healthy 80 year old, so there is no age limit!

Backed by science and studies, the high-quality ingredients are rigorously tested for safety and there are no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners.  Isagnix is in already in 12 Countries and been established since 2002 with  over 1 billion dollars revenue.  It's the number one network marketing company in Australia, and launched here in the UK in May - it will rapidly expand through Europe over the next few years - if you are looking for a new business or weight loss, sports performance, more energy, better sleep call me on 07889 813334.

Why I’m good at what I do…

Feeling fabulous at 50 ++++!  After 15 years working as a marketing and communications consultant (which I still do because I love this too) I have found another business I am enjoying and has changed my life in terms of health, so I am helping those who want to improve how they feel and get more energy, lose weight, better sleep and improve their sports performance. For someone who's lived with gut issues since I was 21 this is a whole new revelation with the bonus of dropping 1.5 stones (one dress size and on the road to two), 30cm of body fat in 30 days - roll on healthy ageing!

If you want to learn more about me as an independent marketing consultant - please link with me on LinkedIn (I use that for JGC Marketing & PR)

If you want to learn more about me as an Isagneix Consultant - please link with me personally on Facebook.  We have a closed Time2Cleanse group that show all our peoples fantastic results with hints and tips.  It really is all about a good nutritional boost, cleansing out toxins and bringing the body to balance for better health and energy.

Or simply call me on 07889 813334 for a chat.

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