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Family Law specialists. Members of Resolution and Collaboratively trained.

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I am a matrimonial solicitor with 23 years experience and have my own law firm specialising in dealing with the consequences arising of relationship breakdown, whether you (or a friend or relative) are married to your partner, live with them, have children with them, own property with them..........or do all of the above with them!!

I am a member of Resolution (www.resolution.org.uk) and am a Collaboratively trained family lawyer. As a Collaboratively trained lawyer I am substantially different from your usual "run of the mill" family lawyer. I believe that everyone has a choice about how they deal the legal aspects of the end of their relationship and that the choices they make at that time will have a huge impact on how they move on with their life long after I have closed my file.

A couple who adopt the collaborative approach choose, right at the outset, that they are not going to go to court to resolve their differences but that they are both going to work together with their collaboratively trained lawyers to work out a solution that is the best outcome for them and their family.

The Collaborative approach may not suit everyone and even if you decide, after hearing more about it, that it's not for you or your nearly ex partner, I can still help you work through all the issues in a dignified, non confrontational way to ensure that you come out at the other end.

Do have a look at my website www.cs-solicitors.co.uk which details the areas of law that I can help you with and which I am more than happy to have a chat with you about on 01661 820444.

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  • I've known Colette for many years and have seen her develop herrself and her practice. She is a rare commodity: a lawyer who's aim is to stay out of court. Anyone experiencing any aspect of family law, especially relationship breakdowns, would do well to call Colette. She will offer impartial, expert advice without aiming to benefit personally. If she can help she will and if she ca't she will say so. Above all Colette wants parents to be able to sit at the top table at their kids weddings, whatever the state of their relationship with each other. That's why she has chosen to be a collaborative lawyer.

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