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Coaching and Facilitation - Accredited Senior Life and Business Coach


Access Consciousness ® 

I completed my 3rd Access Bars Class, that qualified me to become an Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator and I will be creating and inviting you to come and experience this truly life changing class. You will become an Access Bars Practitioner and receive a certificate and able to use it with your clients and participate in gifting and receiving Bars events as well. 

The Access Bars ® are 32 points on the head. When someone holds them lightly the electromagnetic charge of thoughts, feelings and emotions which hold in place the limitations of your life and body are released. By removing the limiting points of view they open up new possibilities and space for change. Access Bars have assisted thousands of people to change many aspects of their lives. People report better health, ease of sleep, weight loss, better sex and relationships, relief from anxiety, less stress and so much more. 

The Access Energetic Facelift™ is a wonderful way to rejuvenate and reverse the appearance of ageing on the face and creates similar effects throughout the body. Working with the energy that you and your body have access to through gentle soothing touch to your face and neck, the Access Facelift™ works with your body's cells to restore, enliven and rejuvenate. With regards to this treatment I normally add my own touch to it and I have experience not only 'juvinating' the body, but also uplifting debts, relationships, fear, anger, stress and worries. 

Advanced Alchemy


Author Erase to Create - Conscious Poetry and Clearing Cards 

Conscious Poetry and Clearing Cards

 I am  grateful for the expansive space that I live in and I love going out in nature and get inspired with its elements. I created these clearing cards and added my poems into them.  These poems are an invitation for you to be still, reflect, be aware, choose something different and be greater than before. What else is possible to create? If you would like to have your unique card get in touch and you can choose the one that resonates with you.  They are also a great gift for that special occasion or send it to someone who needs a bit of reflection or uplifting. The large cards are £4.99 and the smaller ones are £3.99. You can make payment via Paypal or bank transfer. Get in touch for more information: 07868 165 898 or email: info@andreabasilio.com  #ConsciousPoetry

Erease to Create

This book helps us to reflect what is going on within ourselves, where we currently are and what we want to change. It can help us to move away from stress, anxiety, depression and to create a happier and wealthier life. 

Book Review from Neil and Nicky from Radio Jackie - the sound of South-West London

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“Because he himself suffered when he was tested, he is able to help those who are being tested.”

I can relate to this, because there were plenty of testing times in my life and I was able to take 100% responsibility and empower myself when I was walking through rocky roads, when I was at crossroads and when I was about to end it all. I was able to reset my life and I am here to tell the story of a girl who wished upon a star and her dream came true. My experiences taught me the strength, the confidence, the leadership and creativity I have inside of me, I am a warrior and creator of my own infinite possibilities.

What I love about what I do is that I help my clients to create infinite possibilities for example I help them to erase their stress, anxieties so they have a clear space in their mind from which they will be able to create: their ideal clients, multiple streams of income, new projects, business strategies, prosperity. It is about how can they create a willing and prosperous mind-set?

I also facilitate a training course about how can we grow and expand our life to be prosperous. How can we become benevolent leaders and live on the creative edge. How can we erase stress, anxieties, our limiting belief, judgements, and expectations and create infinite possibilities. How Does it Get Any Better Than That? What else is possible?

I am a published author of a book: Erase to Create ‘I’ Just Want to Be Happy!


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  • Dearest One Good day!I am Ms.Aminata Jones from Liberia but residing in senegal in west Africa.Really i would want you to assist me invest some assets which i inherited from my late parents as the only child.I would need your responce at my email addess goodluckjonesl@yahoo.com or you send me yours so that we can discuss more on this issue Thanks Ms.Aminata Jones
  • A very kind and intelligent human, without the typical connotations of 'business people'. People like this are rare and deserve every success they desire in life.
  • I have worked with Andrea several times and found her to be both professional and supportive of my needs, she had an uncanny intuition and has given me the tools to really make a difference in my life.

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