What I Offer…

Chiltern Business Computing offers a range of services. These can be tailored in any desired combination to suit customer needs.

We specialise in SMEs with the usual array of computer systems - servers, networks, wireless, email, remote working. And the sort of office applications that many people use - accounts, contact managers, stock control and desktop applications like Word and Excel

The key area of interest is in helping SMEs to get the most out of existing IT investments. It is frequently the case that systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) have a lot of potential to help the business that is yet to be realised. Whether it is in improving the operational processes that relate to these systems, or in improving management reporting by establishing Key Performance Indicators, we have the knowledge and experience to help.


See the Technologies page on our website www.chilternbusinesscomputing.co.uk for the main areas of hardware and software that we cover.


Advice and Consultancy

  • System reviews and recommendations, including telecoms and mobile
  • Business process reviews
  • Establishing and improving KPI reporting
  • Software and hardware selection, upgrades and migrations
  • Project management
  • Supplier management (IT and telecoms providers)
  • Backup and security


  • Problem diagnosis and resolution
  • System recovery
  • Purchasing, installation and configuration of hardware and software
  • Server and PC maintenance and upgrades
  • Windows Server and Domain administration
  • Networks
  • Email and internet access, Antivirus
  • Remote support
  • User help
  • Backup support for your own IT staff

The use of Remote Support is key to containing costs and providing a high level of service


Virtual IT Manager

  • Bringing together the relevant aspects of Advice and Support services detailed above to provide a comprehensive solution to the IT needs of your business.

Why I’m good at what I do…


With an Engineering degree my first jobs were in the motor industry - Smiths Industries and BL Cars (Unipart). I then moved in to smaller businesses and have worked for a number of SMEs, graduating to IT along the way.



During the last 20 years I have been involved in IT, first in a software house, and later in management in companies with up to around 80 system users over more than one site.

I am familiar with a wide range of hardware and infrastructure software including PCs, servers, networks, wireless, VPNs (remote access), routers, firewalls, etc. Operating systems include Windows 95/98/NT/XP/Vista and Windows NT, 2000 and 2003 Servers. Server applications include Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server and IIS (web-server). My experience of desktop applications coverss Microsoft Office (all versions), Outlook, Auotcad, and a range of others such as image editors. Mobile phones including Blackberry and 3G cards. Among main applications I have experience of various accounting and payroll packages, contact managers (eg ACT!), and ERP systems of which the biggest is Infor Baan IVc4.

With regard to the business processes associated with IT systems, I have particular experience of Distribution (order processing and stock control) and Manufacturing (Bills of Materials, works orders, etc). I have managed a range of business and process improvement projects related to these areas.

Coming from a general business background I have a strong sense of making IT work for the business, and make a specific point of not boring customers with geek-speak or IT technicalities (unless they wish to know them). Having worked in recent years for companies without much money (or just reluctant to spend it), I have become pretty good at minimising IT costs and achieving value for money.





Member Testimonials

  • Jim gave me some really great advice about security software renewal's at yesterdays 4N at Monkey Island in Bray. Thanks Jim! I am sure your advice will save me money in the future.
  • So what do you do your PC/Laptop is just not working the way it should PANIC or call Jim? I did both but to be honest I found calling Jim the better option, to date Jim has helped me out at least three times, with his no worry approach, you certainly feel that in a crisis you are in safe hands.
  • Jim dug me out of a hole when my machine nearly died and was responding to nothing. He came round very quickly after my call for help and following a few hours of painstaiking 'surgery' all was well. Good on you Jim. This is service as it should be.
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What I do

  • Computer services
  • IT project management
  • Computer Support
  • Servers and Networks

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