What I Offer…

The Sales Masters Guild - Founded in 2009 as a direct result of joining 4N!! 

WHY? - Because so many of the business owners that I met at that time, were struggling to get enough business in the door, so I set out on a quest to share the knowledge I've gained (via the school of hard knocks) from 3 decades of starting building and selling businesses of my own...

Now some 9 years later I'm happy to say that our mentored personal business development courses have helped many, many 100's of 4N'ers to fine tune their business model, improve their communication skills (sales techniques) and create higher-income businesses that work...:)

We share the knowledge through

where business owners learn

  • How to become the go-to person for what you do
  • How to create a magnetic customer focused 'value proposition' 
  • A marketing strategy that actually creates inbound business enquiries
  • An effortlessly elegant sales conversation that creates high-income clients
  • A high-income business

If you're want to learn how to build a high-income business, I would love to talk to you...


John K

Why I’m good at what I do…

During my business life I've 'sold' a vast and diverse range of products, services, information, knowledge and in a number of cases the companies I've built to sell.

I've also been blessed to have worked with, mentored and trained thousands of people across both Europe & the US to sell more of the products and services they sell to create a substantial personal income.

Though I've often heard people refer to me as a serial entrepreneur, I think of myself as someone who now teaches ambitious people in business how to achieve their true potential as a successful entrepreneur.

The process I use is one I've developed over the last 3 decades of building businesses to sell, a blueprint formula for identifying opportunities, creating a fit for purpose value proposition and a sales strategy that results in building a highly successful business.

If your now ready to learn how to take your business life to a whole new level there are 3 ways to work and learn with me 

# My book 'How to build a business that creates wealth' (on Amazon & Audible)
# My on-line Entrepreneur training platform (howtobuildabusinessthatcreateswealth.com)
# In live 'entrepreneur training' seminars (The Sales Masters Guild) 

I truly believe anyone can achieve extraordinary success, But it does start with a decision, a 'committed' decision to live your life on 'purpose' to achieve your true potential in building for you and your family a high-income business that affords an extraordinary life of abundance...

If I can help you in any way please do connect

John F Kettley

Member Testimonials

  • I met John at a 4N meeting almost a year ago and I have enjoyed every discussion with him since. John is a terrific trainer, business coach and quite frankly, an all round good guy. He will tell you how it is in a straight forward, down to earth manor that is very easy to understand.
  • Recently had the pleasure of hearing my first 4sight by John and he was fantastic. Lots of great content delivered in a confident and inspiring way. Well worth making the trip is John is attending a meeting near you
  • Every small business owner needs an outside force to hold them accountable and provide independent, unbridled mentoring. For that, I highly recommend John Kettley. I expect that my first session with John will not be my last. 3 months later and he is still following up and keeping me focused!
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What I do

  • How to build a business that creates Wealth
  • Inspirational Speaker & Business Mentor
  • Business Advice Coaching and Training
  • Sales training Expert
  • Sales & Profit Growth

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