What I Offer…

Pulse Rate Training Limited is a Training company specialising in Health & Safety and First Aid Training. The Managing Director of Pulse Rate Training is a Board Member of The Association of First Aiders. All Trainers are highly qualified and experienced in thier field. The company is an associate provider of the Association of First Aiders (AoFA), HSE accreditation number 30/08. All training can be delivered in house or at a residential facility local to your requirements if required. Trainers are members of the following professional organisations

Institute of Ocupational Safety and Health (IOSH)

International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM)

Institute for Learning (IfL)

Services available are as follows:

  1. Health & Safety Training
  2. HSE Approved and Accredited First Aid Training
  3. Automated External Defibrillator Training (AED)
  4. First Person On Scene (FPOS) Training
  5. Casualty Simulation Training
  6. CIEH Health & Safety Training
  7. NVQ Assessing
  8. Health & Safety Consultancy
  9. IOSH Training
  10. Sales of equipment and supplies

Why I’m good at what I do…
Pulse Rate Training Ltd is a Health and Safety & First Aid training provider working under the accreditation of AoFA. Here at Pulse Rate Training we pride ourselves on the highest standard of training and quality of service to all our customers. We also ensure all tutors working with Pulse Rate Training are also working to the high standards we expect of our tutors. Pulse Rate Training is also keen on keeping the good name and excellent reputation of AoFA high up on people's minds by ensuring they work to the required standards and maintain a high level of competence within its trainers.
The manager of Pulse Rate Training Ltd has a vast knowledge of experience having served in the British Army for over 14 years working as a Team Medic in operational environments. With this knowledge and experience he has the ability to perform casualty simulation which helps to provide more realism to scenarios and provide a more professional way of instruction to enhance courses.


All Trainers/Assessors are fully qualified in their field with relevant qualifications in line with current legislation. All courses are certificated and include refreshments during breaks (where available). All courses are set in a relaxed and positive atmosphere to promote a conductive learning environment and bring out the best in all students utilizing many learning techniques. Our training and style of training has been proven to be extremely popular this is largely due to the low stress and enjoyable way we present our training.

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All courses are certificated and can be delivered at your location (In house training) or at one of our residential venues.


Member Testimonials

  • I have heard Jon's 4Sight 4 or 5 times now and each time I have found it totally engaging, moving and inspiring. I don't think you can ever tire of hearing Jon's story or fail to be motivated by it.
  • Jon is a fantastic motivational speaker; it would have to be a very thick-skinned individual who wasn't both moved and inspired by John's life story and how he has constantly overcome adversity. I have no hesitation in recommending Bullets to Business.
  • Jon did a fantastic 4Sight at Goole & Selby yesterday on his top 10 life saving tips. If he can teach us that much in 10 minutes then his full training courses must be fantastic. He has a passion for what he does that shines through.
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What I do

  • First Aid
  • Health and Safety Training Provider
  • Health & Safety Consultancy
  • First Aid Training
  • Motivational Speaking

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