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Utilising my twelve years experience in the fuels industry I started my business as an independent Fuel Card Consultant offering commercial fuel cards from Shell, BP, Total, Esso and trade cards from UK Fuels, Diesel Direct and Fastfuels [aka Texaco]. I am able to offer very competitive rates for just about every type of businesses with vehicles "large or small".....

Two years ago I expanded into commercial [& domestic] utilities such as gas, electric, and telephony services, mainly working with a utility brokerage company called Ecusol for the commercial world and Utility Warehouse for the domestic market.

In a surprise diversification from the above [although there is a link] I have set up a new company called "ME PAT Services Ltd" following on shortly from my partner losing her job last year from a Portable Appliance Testing company. this was literarily a "silver lining out of a dark cloud" moment because not only does Alison have four years in this industry she is one very few females in this market and is fully CRB approved [Criminal Records Bureau] allowing her to enter sensitive areas such as Children's Nurseries, Schools, Care Homes and Hotels.

What is Portable Appliance Testing? it is recommended that all electrical items [PCs, Printers, through to Kettles and Microwaves] are testing once every 12 months as something like 1000 incidents are reported to the HSE every year with many involving badly wired plugs. Alison tests all of the electrical items in your workplace, label them with pass [or fail] stickers and then we issue a complete inventory of items tested and a Certificate of Compliance. This is important for you and your commercial insurer!!!!

We have three core products aimed mainly at commercial businesses where not only do we lower costs but we also potentially save lives!

For free, friendly and confidential advice please call me the real McCoy at McCoy Energy now..............

Why I’m good at what I do…

Where do I start? I have an interesting business which I won't bore you with the details now - maybe later?

I live in a small part of Newcastle called Seaton Burn - blink and you will miss it!

I have lived here for about nine years, six years with my partner Alison. I have known her for about thirty years, in fact I have been chasing her for most of this time, but she can't run as fast hence I managed to catch six years ago.... we managed to get married on October the 8th 2010 - got my sole mate at last!!

We have no children [yippee!] but had two black cats a brother and sister, but sadly we had to have them put to sleep recently. We both missed them especially Alison as she had them for over sixteen years - they were like her children of a sort.....

I am a born and bred Geordie, moved to Falkirk in Scotland 27 years ago through work but moved back to my beloved Newcastle fifteen years ago.

I have had an "extensive" sales career in Retail, Construction, Fuels and Lubricants [industrial lubes before anyone cracks a gag!] and latterly Fuel cards. However, sadly I have been made redundant five or six times - I lose count! Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time? I set up McCoy Energy eight years ago as I was fed up of getting made redundant, I set up ME PAT Services 5 years ago and I have never looked back ...............

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  • Mike listened to what I needed for my Client and supplied exactly that in the form of fuel cards. The whole process was simple, straightforward and above all honest, which the existing card suppliers had not been. It was a pleasure to work with Mike and I would happily use his services again.
  • A very interesting 4sight today,which motivated me in to immediate action. Many thanks.
  • Mike, I listened to your fall & rise 4 sight again today. You delivered a very personal message with such strength. I found it very moving. More importantly others did too and you may well have made it easier for them to talk about their challenges & confront obstacles. What an inspiration!
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  • Portable Appliance Testing

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