What I Offer…

Focus Skills & Management Training is about understanding the needs of the client and tailoring training and development to meet those needs.The process starts by defining the end point and what we want to achieve, then clarifies the route we will follow, with any number of iterations, until we achieve success.

Once the development aims and objectives have been defined, we agree what success will look and feel like, and how we will measure that. Building on past performance and helping clients to develop their own future means the client is always in control and they know what is necessary to achieve the changes they designed. Business improvements are achieved, without losing sight of the need to carry on the day job.

I work with business owners and managers or supervisors, in groups or one-to-one, to give them the tools to get the best from their people. That way, the individuals succeed and the company benefits and the return on investment is clearly measured from the outset.

Working in the back-ground, I take the client to the edge of their comfort zone and ask them to stretch a little further to achieve more. They grow in stages and reflect, so they understand how we achieved the results and can then repeat the process.

Training that hit the spot

In the summer of 2006 our Senior Management Team had embraced a cultural development programme which required changes which were far-reaching in terms of the processes we used to measure the business and the way we did it. At the senior level, our individual roles and objectives had changed and the support we needed from supervisors and line managers was now different. The question was how to develop experienced workers into people managers, with minimum disruption to production, whilst taking into account their different starting points and learning styles.

A local training consultant, Fiona Macintosh, designed and delivered one-to-one coaching for our Team Leaders, to give newly appointed people managers a good grounding in the theory and practical application of the necessary skills, and to remind some of the existing managers of some of the techniques they were missing out on. This enabled us to have consistency across the business and change old habits, moving towards a more 'employee engagement' management style.

By quickly building a rapport with each of our Team Leaders, Fiona was able to discuss their specific issues, areas for development and help them understand the people management element of their job in a way that related to them. They gained confidence in managing their teams and were then better able to support their managers.

The training content was consistent and in line with our business values and behaviours, but still delivered a tailored approach based on each of the individual's needs, thus bringing everyone up to the same level. We achieved the desired results quickly, informally and found that using a local trainer was very cost effective.

Jan Young

HR Manager

General Mills Berwick Ltd

Why I’m good at what I do…

My experience was gained in organisations of all sizes from two people to Blue Chips, mainly in the IT industry. Latterly, I have worked in food manufacturing.

I have worked at the operations level, looking at improving processes, making things happen, introducing change and developing people. Helping people achieve more gives me a great thrill!

Recruitment and selection have often been a major part of my role, including using psychometric testing and assessment centres. I understand how important it is to get (and keep) the right people in the right jobs. Motivating and developing people is key to success and measuring achievements is key to motivation, so I designed my logo to represent the process of gathering knowledge and understanding and applying this where it can really make a difference.

I have backed up my practical experience with qualifications too. My Diploma in Language Studies was a long time ago, but since then I have achieved (via the Open University) a BSc in Technology and then a Diploma in Management Studies, which includes a module on Change Management and 'Resourcing the Market'.

Although I live near the Scottish border, I am able and willing to travel to clients, which gives me a great opportunity to visit my network of friends around the country and maybe throw in a different 4N meeting en route!

Member Testimonials

  • Fiona is one of those people that you instantly know you can trust. She is genuinely interested not only in finding out about businesses, the managers managing them, and their multiple challenges, but in getting the fixes exactly right for them. She is far more interested in gaining results and helping people from behind the scenes than taking any recognition for herself. Ideal for managers who need to learn on the fly, and be supported, not rail-roaded. Very rare indeed in a business advisor. Fiona is thoroughly delightful and very good company too!
  • From the moment you meet Fiona, you see how much of a lovely lady she is, but also you realise the she really knows her stuff! Her technique is perfected.....Listens then advises, as apposed to the traditional 'jump in first' approach. Thanks Fiona, its very much appreciated
  • I have been working with Fiona Macintosh of Focus Skills & Management Training for the past 2 months in order to bring me up to date with leadership skills and staff performance appraisal.
    After our initial meeting Fiona quickly identified the areas on which we should be spending our time most effectively and enable me to push forward with a performance appraisal system with my staff as well as being able to concentrate on my own development as a senior manager.
    I have found Fiona's ability to fit in around my own business needs (time/money) extremely beneficial, thus making the tasks of managing and training at the same time easily achievable.
    I would not hesitate to recommend Fiona and Focus Skills & Management Training and look forward to carry on working with Fiona in the future.
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  • Business development and coaching
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